euphorian Shows Listeners “magic” on Never Say Die Debut

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euphorian makes their Never Say Die debut with their Youth EP – and we‘ve got an exclusive listen to the enchanting track, “magic”!

Never Say Die is notorious for scouring the Internet for new and upcoming talent and is spot-on when they decide to back a new artist in their debut EP. They’ve done it once again with newcomer euphorian, who has a promising career ahead of them. While there might not be loads of information out there on this fresh face to the scene, tracks such as “affirmations,” “healing,” and “Windflower” are incredibly refreshing to the ears. Now, euphorian is ready to take it to the next level and gives us their Youth EP, which is due out on Friday on Never Say Die.

On their Youth EP, euphorian presents listeners with unbelievable soundscapes and some truly immaculate production. It is the perfect blend of melodies, pounding bass, and unique sound design. Each one of the six tracks brings listeners into the world of euphorian as each song holds a special meaning to this 19-year old producer. Arguably, one of the tracks that means the most is “magic,” the closing song off the EP – and we’ve got the exclusive listen to it for you.

euphorian is able to sweep listeners away in this warm atmosphere right from the beginning on “magic.” The track begins with a beautiful melody that is both playful and powerful before the drums come in to pair perfectly with the melody – it will honestly give you goosebumps when you’re listening to it. From here, it builds into a drop that will have your jaw on the floor that’s full of fast patterning synths along with heavy bass notes. Listeners are kept on their toes as they listen to the second drop of the track which has head-bobbing drums that make you want to get up and dance. Then “magic” closes out with an epic last drop that can only be described as a spectacular showing of production talent from this budding producer.

magic is a love song. I wanted it to be the closing track of the EP, because it’s a tribute to the lovely people in my life who showed me compassion and enabled me to change from a depressed, self-loathing kid with no faith in my future, to a strong and hopeful fighter ready to push through anything this cruel world might throw at me. Y’all know who you are; thank you for loving me and showing me there is some magic in this life after all. ♡


Check out the entire Youth EP when it drops on Friday, July 30 along with “magic” on SoundCloud or your favorite streaming service, and let us know what your thoughts are on this track in the comments below!

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