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Sun-EL Musician

Sun-EL Musician recently teamed up with Msaki on “Ubomi Abumange” and took some time to chat with us about his label and more!

As a tastemaker, producer, and music pioneer Sun-EL Musician has boldly been making a name for himself since delivering his first release. Fusing modern electronic production with Afro-house influences he has brought his brand of music to the world in many ways as he continues to showcase the sounds of Africa.

Sun-EL Musician’s debut album Africa To The World garnered him three awards at the 24th Annual South African Music Awards and is certified Gold by the Recording Industry of South Africa. After delivering that stunning collection of tunes he released his sophomore album To The World And Beyond which featured a plethora of talented artists from South Africa. It has also been well-received as the first single from the album, “Ubomi Abumanga,” has gone Triple Platinum since its release with the album climbing its way up to Gold status as well.

But the work that Sun-EL Musician has put into the local scene doesn’t stop with his solo releases. He has made an effort to collaborate with a variety of artists, including a recent release with Black Coffee and Maxine Ashley called “You Need Me” that dropped last year. Furthermore, he’s curated tunes on his own imprint, EL World Music, where he supports emerging artists in South Africa.

Looking to gain extra insight and learn more about all the exciting projects Sun-EL Musician has going on, we jumped at the opportunity to chat with him after the release of his tune “Ubomi Abumanga” with Msaki. Check out the unique video he’s paired with the tune below and read on for the conversation

Check out the video for “Ubomi Abumanga” on YouTube:

Hi Sun-EL, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We are really excited about all the projects you have been working on and your sound is captivating. When were you introduced to electronic production and can you tell us a little more about how Sun-EL Musician came to be?

I grew up listening to different genres in my home, this was due to my Dad’s love of music ranging from American soul music, kwaito to house music. During that time, there was a music segment called Channel O on a South African television channel called SABC 1 which really introduced me to the likes of Daft Punk, DJ Gregory, Julien Jabre, and Bob Sinclar just to name a few.

You just released your fan-made music video for your tune “Ubomi Abumanga’’ with MSAKI which is very heart-warming. What was the inspiration for exploring and producing a fan-made video over another format?

To be honest it’s the love that we were receiving from different parts of the world that made the team and I want to pay homage and show the people we really love and appreciate each and every one of them.

Providing a platform for artists you believe in and collaborating with these artists is a common theme in your work. Can you tell us more about the origins of your label EL World Music and what your vision for it is?

Absolutely, the label serves as a platform for the artists I am assisting with introducing new young talented artists into the industry. This was inspired by the fact that I struggled for a long time trying to get into the industry, so I am trying to make it easier for the next generation to be heard and have successful, long-lasting careers within the industry.

That being said, who are some artists on the label that we should keep an ear out for? Or some artists that you are listening to?

EL World Music artists to keep an ear out for and artist I’m currently listening to include: Simmy, Azana, Kenza, Mthunzi, Mpho Wav, S-Tone, Nobuhle, Vernotile, Sino Msolo, Thakzin, Mdoovar, and TaffyFKA Mash.

You collaborated with legendary artist Black Coffee on “You Need Me.” How did this track come to be and how was the production vibe different in the studio with Black Coffee?

The Black Coffee collaboration came about early last year (2020) when I got a call from him which was so amazing, we talked a bit and vibes connected and he was like I have something I want you to be on, and as they say, the rest is history and “You Need Me” was born.

Working with him was such a great legend is an honour and very exciting even though everything was basically remote, but it was amazing that we could bounce ideas via WhatsApp and that we could put the song together.

You released your debut album Africa to the World in 2018, which is now certified double platinum! And the follow up “To the World & Beyond” feat. 26 collaborators across the African continent in 2020. What do you want people to take away from these projects, as far as your vision? How do you see it growing?

We are telling our African stories in a modern way. So I am basically connecting the past and the future in a way that people know where we come from, what we stand for, and where we are going in the future. It’s a blend of African sound and electronic music which is something that has always been separated and now we are bringing it together.

You are pioneering music in your home of South Africa, what is some advice or motivation you would give to the younger generations to continue the push of afro-house and electronic music in Africa?

You have to leap to fly. You can always get better. Stay true to yourself. Remember why you started. Never give up on your dream, cause you may never know what tomorrow holds.

With 2021 underway, what are some of your goals for the year and what can fans expect from Sun-EL Musician as far as new releases, productions, the label, etc.?

Some of my goals are for my music to reach and carry on touching peoples souls from the different parts of the world. Introducing more new talent to the world via my El World label. What you can expect from me in the future is definitely more music and more collaborative works with different artist and we’ll be releasing more music via the label.

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