Tinlicker and Helsloot Unveil Surprise Video For “Because You Move Me”

Tinlicker and Helsloot
Credit: Meesterwerk

Transporting fans to the snowy landscape of Canada, Tinlicker and Helsloot bring their deep house masterpiece “Because You Move Me” to life.

Nearly four and half years after its initial drop date, Tinlicker and Helsloot deliver their stunning new music video for the track that started it all, “Because You Move Me.” This masterpiece of production took some time to come into its own; initially dropping back in 2017 on Armada Music, the single remained an underground weapon of deep house maestros worldwide. Tinlicker and Helsloot had yet to crack the global dance market’s mold and were slowly nurturing a sound that would soon catapult them among the ranks of the best producer/DJs in the world. 

Flash forward to today. Tinlicker has ascended the ranks of deep and progressive house to maintain their status as Anjunadeep mainstays and have played to hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Needless to say, the original track has grown exponentially alongside their rise to stardom, and the artists have even gotten together yet again for Paradise recently as well.

Now the time has come to pair their sonic masterpiece with an equally stunning music video. Directed by Christopher Evans, the video transports viewers to the snowy vistas of Alberta, Canada. Their evocative and ethereal synth pads synchronize perfectly with a driving yet relaxed beat that commands a danceable flow-state. Defined by a solitary ice skater, “Because You Move Me” comes to life amongst her effortless gliding and whirling around the frozen lake. 

For this video, I wanted to pitch something different that we haven’t really seen before. I think I had been always dreaming of shooting in the mountains of Alberta, and the idea of a girl journeying into this magical land by herself felt like the proper backdrop for this music video. The vibe of the song is so chill; it reminded me of that happy feeling you get on a road trip, discovering new places, and just reflecting on the beauty of nature. God is a crazy good artist, and it shows.

Christopher Evans

A blissful dichotomy between Christopher Evan’s innovative video and this timeless masterpiece of a tune, “Because You Move Me,” remains a masterful depiction of these talented producers. A hallmark of Tinlicker and Helsloot’s signature sound is their mastery of atmospheric percussion loops working in perfect harmony with thoughtfully refined vocals. An outstanding element that director Evans puts front and center throughout the video. 

Much like a fine wine, some tracks get better with age. Tinlicker and Helsloot’s “Because You Move Me” is exactly that. Listen on your favorite platform, check out the video below, and revel in this breathtaking collaboration!

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  1. Chris we’re so proud of you! Loved the way the video was so carefree and flowing as the skater gracefully glided across the ice, it drew one right into the scene. Breathtaking mountain views, made one want to visit this magical place and personally drink in the view !! YES, “God is crazy good artist, and it shows”!!!

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