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Vietnamese DJ and producer Hoaprox spins a dazzling mix for the This Is Home series and dives into his new tune “Brighter Side”!

This is Home has touched down in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam as talented DJ and producer Hoaprox graces the series with his sound. Getting his start as a producer at the age of 15, he’s quickly risen through the ranks of the scene with a flurry of fantastic tunes and remixes. In fact, he was the youngest winner on the Remix New Generation TV show back in 2017 which further cemented his place as an artist to watch in Southeast Asia.

The following year, his song “Ngau Hung” saw some serious success as it dominated China’s NetEase streaming service with a whopping two billion streams. More recently, though, he looked to powerhouse label Monstercat for some of his latest tunes. Hoaprox delivered “New World” with Rogue back in May 2020, and is kicking off the new year with “Brighter Side” which features Singaporean sensation Haneri. Both tracks showcase his dynamic sound that he’s crafted in the studio for years, making it clear that the future is bright for Hoaprox as we move deeper into 2021.

Hoaprox’s fluency in the studio also transitions to his work behind the decks, masterfully mixing sets that fill listeners with uplifting energy as he leans on sounds from genres including progressive house, future bass, and more. Now, he’s graced the This Is Home series with a fantastic mix to help start your year off right, so check it out below and read on to learn more about this rising star in the scene!

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Hi Hoaprox! Thanks for chatting with us today and congrats on the release of “Brighter Side” with Haneri! What was the production process like for this track, and how did you and Haneri first meet?

I started the idea and production of “Brighter Side” about two years ago. When the music was almost finished, I felt that the song was still missing something. So, last year I worked with a composer on the melodies for the lyrics and then collaborated on the vocals and lyrics with Haneri.

It’s a pity to not be able to meet and work directly with Haneri because of the Virus situation and the whole process had to work online, but fortunately, everything went well. When things are back to normal, I hope to be able to meet and make new music with her. She has a very special voice.

Let’s dig into your history a bit. What inspired you to start producing electronic music and who were some of your earliest influences?

The first time I heard dubstep was when I was about 15 years old. I was very curious about this genre, and I became addicted to it. When I became passionate about this music, I started to learn and research to make my own songs, and from there it all started. Since I was originally a fan of dubstep, Skrillex definitely influenced me a lot.

For those who haven’t experienced the dance music scene in Vietnam, can you share what’s it like and some of your favorite venues or festivals that are must-attends?

In Vietnam, electronic music appeared about 20 years ago and blossomed about 5 years ago at a very fast rate with many dance festivals, new electronic music artists, and the number of fans also increased rapidly. However, because this development is trendy, it lacks depth, meaning that fans come quickly and easily get bored and switch to other genres. Artists like me in Vietnam are also trying very hard to let fans listen to music more passionately, which will help the electronic music industry develop more sustainability.

We have two big cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. In Hanoi, I would recommend 1900 Nightclub, and in Ho Chi Minh, ENVY Club, As for festivals, Sunspiration Music Festival is one that left a big impression on me.

The electronic music community in Southeast Asia continues to grow with each passing year, what has it been like being a part of that growth?

It’s really wonderful! It was very difficult as an Asian artist to get access to the developed electronic music in Europe and America, but recently that gap has narrowed considerably. Asian artists like us have gradually grown up with international inclinations, collaborating with many artists from Europe and America, which has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to grow.

Who are some other producers from Vietnam that we should be keeping our ears tuned to this year?

Like I mentioned above, Vietnam has many good and potential artists. They all have their own musical style and wish to share Vietnamese music with international listeners. Nimbia, Slim V, and Masew are the artists you should really keep an eye on.

Finally, what are some of your goals that you hope to achieve in 2021?

I have 15 more songs that I can release, which will hopefully turn into an EP or mini-album. I’d like to tour again overseas when things are back to normal, and I hope there will be a few viral songs. [Laughs] It sounds greedy, but dreams are free, and everyone has the option to choose a “Brighter Side”.

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