CamelPhat Reveals Official Video for “Easier”

CamelPhat - Easier (Official Video) 00-04-04

CamelPhat released the music video for “Easier,” and it’s a powerful homage to the nightlife scene that has suffered due to the global pandemic.

One of the scene’s most dynamic duos, CamelPhat, hasn’t let the pandemic slow down their ascent to the top in 2020. Building off the massive success they’ve seen in recent years, the duo dropped a flurry of singles that culminated in the release of their album Dark Matter back in October, and put the cherry on top with a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix that was recorded at an empty Printworks. Now, they’re capping off the year with a visual treat in the form of a music video for their hit tune “Easier.”

Working with Director Tom Haines, CamelPhat looked to offer tribute to the struggling nightlife scene that they have been fighting for passionately throughout the pandemic. Set at London nightclub FOLD, it features dancers performing by themselves and induces a sense of nostalgia for anyone who has been sorely missing those late nights spent dancing at the club. It entertains the idea of isolation that transcends into a consciousness of what was once the proximity of human interaction and the plethora of soundscapes that surrounded a pre-pandemic world and is a powerful visual statement.

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing all that energy and potential we collectively enjoy is hanging in the balance, mothballed while it waits to be reanimated. That’s what I wanted to conjure with the video for Easier, the idea that it’s just within reach, that the rich history of clubbing and dance music and all that brings with it is in the ether. I hope that it’s by parts joyous, ecstatic, and also emotional as a video. Shooting it was just a dream, having been holed up at home so much, to then be in a club environment with a creative team was truly amazing, and hearing the song blasting on a proper system, watching Dominant our dancer do their thing, genuinely gave me goosebumps.

Tom Haines, Director

The video transports the viewer into a vacated room, reminiscent of the moments that the club once served with dramatic strobe lights, smiling faces, and moving bodies. The ability to dance and celebrate individual freedom through the rhythm of the night has been so close yet just so out of reach this year, and the imagery in the video acts as a reminder of the chance meetings and sensual connections made on the dancefloor. We can only hope that 2021 will bring us safely back to those nights at the club, and offer up some new music from CamelPhat as well.

Take a listen to the stellar track below, read our full review of Dark Matter to dive deeper into the album, and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!

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