Insomniac LTD. Drops Fall/Winter Collection

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Hold onto your wallets because INSOMNIAC LTD. just dropped their Winter/Fall Collection Round 2 and it’s here to steal all your money!

The INSOMNIAC LTD. Fall 2 2020 collection just dropped right in time before the holidays, and although it’s meant for colder seasons like Fall/Winter, it is FIRE! Consisting of clothing and accessories such as fuzzy bucket hats, fashionable and comfy crewneck sweaters, pullover hoodies, and so much tie-dye and more, it’s the perfect way for us Insomniac lovers to take the rave with us everywhere they go.

The concept of INSOMNIAC LTD. is to celebrate the ideals that we ravers cherish so much: freedom, love, acceptance, and community. The newest collection, photographed by Danielle Levitt, captured the Insomniac’s essence so well. Her ability to bring out the vibrancy and colorfulness that the culture of dance music emits, both past and present, gives us club scene and music festival-goers a way to express ourselves both when we are at events or out there living our best lives, feeling like our best selves.

 The Insomniac collection is life. It’s vibrant and colorful, so I wanted to amplify that by creating mini-scenes that would allow models to find their freedom. We encouraged everyone to be who they wanted to be and find their own art within ours.

Danielle Levitt, Photographer

We took a look at the newest INSOMNIAC LTD. drop and picked out five of our favorites from the newest collection. Feel free to browse but, be warned, that you may or may not want to buy everything you can get your hands on! Check out our favorite picks below, subscribe to their newsletter, and follow their socials to get the latest updates!

EDM Identity’s Top Five INSOMNIAC LTD. Fall/Winter Collection Picks

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Vortexia S/S Tee

Who doesn’t love a trippy tie-dye tee? The Vortexia S/S Tee comes in both red and purple and features the Insomniac’s “Wide Awake” slogan. It’s the perfect top to make a statement in – even if it’s just while you’re shopping at the grocery store. Click Here to see it in purple – which is personally my favorite color of the two options!

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The Floradelic Reversible Bucket Hat

The Floradelic Reversible Bucket Hat is way too adorable and cozy to not want! The reverse side is bright neon green, so you can easily change your look from cute and cuddly to bright and cool on the go… and if you want to complete this wild look, keep scrolling!

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The Floradelic Jacket 

I literally SCREAMED when I saw the Floradelic Jacket! It’s so bright, colorful, and fuzzy – and it’s definitely something I want to get my hands on. You could literally throw me in the blazing hot desert and I still wouldn’t want to take this thing off for the sake of fashion and just loving it so much. Want something fuzzy just like this but toned down a bit? Check out the Floradelic Jacket in Black!

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Celestial Pant (Black)

Let’s face it- until the pandemic is over, I want to live in comfortable bottoms. But, I also want to look fashionable while I lounge. The Celestial Pant in Black is perfect for tie-dye lovers who just want to lay around in their rave cave and catch up on some Livestreams.

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The Buddha Jacket 

Last but definitely not least is the Buddha Jacket! It comes in both Blue and Red, so keep in mind that it’s going to be really hard to choose between the two since they both look SO COOL! Not to mention – it’s hand-dyed, waterproof, and water repellent, so you’ll look good even on those rainy days!

Let us know what you think about the INSOMNIAC LTD. Fall/Winter 2 Collection in the comments below, or hit us up on Instagram and tag us in your photos wearing your gear!

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