Armada Music Gifts Fans with New Holiday Compilation

Armin van Buuren Christmas Tree

Armada Music has cooked up a special treat for their faithful following, the Armada Christmas Dinner Mix, to celebrate the holidays in style.

As the end of this crazy year arrives on the horizon, celebrations surrounding the holidays have been changing too. Sure, we still bake cookies, share a meal with those in our homes, and try to enjoy the final days of the year, but the bombastic gatherings won’t be taking place quite as they did in the past. That said, we can still experience amazing music, good vibes, and reflect the energy we want to celebrate in 2021. To help create those experiences, the staff at Armada Music offer a new mix to satiate the fans as the year turns the page with the Armada Christmas Dinner Mix.

Intriguing as a different kind of holiday mix, Armada Christmas Dinner Mix plates 26 tracks in a mix of chill-out and acoustic varieties. As a package, there is plenty to love; artists that you know, as well as a few you may not, construct a sonic experience just over eighty-minutes in length, and is “Best enjoyed at a dinner table with a bit of snow outside and your loved ones around, the ‘Armada Christmas Dinner Mix’ is designed to add to the bliss of your favorite holiday.”

There are some special Christmas themed twists as well on Armada Music’s first Christmas compilation; for example, Clément Leroux reprises the collaboration with Emma Hoet on “U Got My Heart” with warm wishes for Christmas, and Armin van Buuren spins the wheel on “Sunny Days” to bring us “Christmas Days.” Other artists that populate the tracklist include AVIRA, Teddy Beats, Shallou, and Ferry Corsten under his FERR alias, so give it a listen!

If you feel the need to shake up your holiday soundtrack and change the mood and the feeling of your holidays, take the Armada Christmas Dinner Mix for a spin on your favorite platform and read on for some of our favorite tracks.

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We cannot say the weather will coordinate with their recommendation, but here are four tracks truly enjoyed off the compilation!

  1. Pablo Nouvelle feat. Kylan Road – Ice
    • A mixture of acoustic flair and some deeps 1980’s retro bass, “Ice” is one of the more dance-floor friendly tracks off the compilation. The lyrics are decidedly winter season centered (“Can you melt me like ice?” is the chorus hook), but the production offers a nice escape from the mellow beginning of the compilation and bridges the next segment well.
  2. Kidnap feat. Leo Stannard – Grow (Submotion Orchestra Remix)
    • Hearing Submotion Orchestra again rekindles magic. Their blend of old-school lounge (back in the days of bands playing in a cocktail lounge) and modern production techniques remains as refreshing as when they first debuted. They rework the vocals of “Grow” effortlessly – capturing both the sleepy mood and moment of tenderness the track offers.
  3. Armin van Buuren & Avalan – Should I Wait
    • This particular track is masterful. Expressing the depth of artistry from both artists, this ballad softly tickles the heart and the ears with soft snaps and a piano-driven base. This one speaks to the darkness of not knowing what the path forward will be in a relationship. It speaks volumes to Avalan’s pop sensibility in songwriting – and is almost as stunning as his opening performance during DJ Mag Top 100 2020 stream with “World We Know.”
  4. Moony – Dove (I’ll Be Loving You) (Sisco Lounge Mix)
    • Reworking older tracks is always a tricky affair. Originally released in 2002, “Dove (I’ll Be Loving You)” is a poppy, house-centered tune, charting into the Top 40 in many European countries. Sisco keeps a retro flair, optioning out the house beats for more of a trip-hop flair. The chorus still belts out emotion and the beauty of the piano-line mixed with the slow broken beats wraps the package is subtle warmth.

Armada Christmas Dinner Mix – Tracklist:

  1. Clément Leroux feat. Emma Hoet – U Got My Heart (Christmas Mix)
  2. AmPm feat. Michael Kaneko – Best Part Of Us (Acoustic Version)
  3. Shallou – Heights
  4. Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me (Christmas Mix)
  5. Frank Pole feat. Greyson Chance – Anything (Acoustic Cover)
  6. Pablo Nouvelle feat. Kylan Road – Ice
  7. Kidnap feat. Leo Stannard – Grow (Submotion Orchestra Remix)
  8. Dirtcaps feat. Eleni Drake – Foreign Tongues (Acoustic Version)
  9. Chicane – Offshore ’97 (A Man Called Adam Remix)
  10. Youngr – Memories (Acoustic Version)
  11. Armin van Buuren & Avalan – Should I Wait
  12. Mokita X Cade – Monopoly (Acoustic Version)
  13. Shelter Point – Velvet
  14. Armin van Buuren feat. Josh Cumbee – Christmas Days
  15. Teddy Beats feat. Mon Rovîa – Hold Me (Christmas Mix)
  16. AVIRA – Miracles (AVIRA’s Unplugged Mix)
  17. Patrick Baker – Only
  18. Tom B. – Times
  19. FERR by Ferry Corsten – Please
  20. Moony – Dove (I’ll Be Loving You) (Sisco Lounge Mix)
  21. PAJI feat. Yves Paquet – Sharks In The Woods (Acoustic Version)
  22. SW – Sweet Lullabies
  23. Lost Frequencies feat. Janick Devy – Reality (Christmas Mix)
  24. Dennis Kruissen feat. Drew Love – Falling In Love (Christmas Mix)
  25. Clément Leroux – Sunday
  26. Pablo Nouvelle – Ave
Armada Christmas Dinner Mix 2020

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