The School of House Announces Their First Ever E-Learning Platform

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The School of House is giving you the chance to learn secrets from industry professionals with their newly announced online courses. 

Founded in 2015 with Dutch dance music giant ID&T, The School of House is a world-class education platform shaping the future of dance music. Located in Amsterdam, TSOH offers several in-depth courses and is supported by some of the industry’s biggest companies. They educate their students on the DJing and production side as well as the business and entrepreneurial side of the music industry.

For the first time in their five year history, The School of House is now offering their classes online. Courses are taught by successful professionals and provide information to artists of all skill levels.

“With this new platform, we hope to bring a positive and meaningful contribution to the future of both dance music’s culture and industry.” – Jan Maarten, Founder

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano share how to properly perform an unforgettable and professional DJ set.

Their course “DJ Strategy and Performing Like a Pro” will be a valuable resource for DJs just getting started during quarantine or experienced ones looking to improve their skills. Artists starting to explore the music production world will also want to check out “Producing Your First Track in Ableton Live.” Presented by engineer and producer Marco Spaventi, this course covers essential concepts of the popular production software Ableton Live.

Artists that have been grinding for years and are now looking to get booked at festivals and increase their fan base will find tremendous value here. José Woldring, CEO of The Media Nanny and manager of Martin Garrix and Charlotte de Witte, presents “Getting Media Attention and Press Coverage.” Tom van Wijk, brand director for ID&T, educates students on how talent buyers think in “Getting Booked at Clubs and Festivals“.

The School of House also offers bundles of courses at an affordable price.

A detailed brand strategy can be found in “The Social Media Strategy Bundle.” Teacher Michiel Schoonhoven is a marketing strategist for Hardwell and Mike Williams, two wildly successful Dutch artists. Similarly, “The Legal and Business Bundle” is presented by Maarten Leopold, who has been working in the industry since 1993. This course covers the different aspects of a record deal and other basic music rights.

Additionally, The School of House offers an “Artist Starter Bundle” and an “Artist Career Bundle,” which both combine various courses at a discount. With so many topics available, there is some serious knowledge given out here to artists who are looking to improve.

The School of House

Signing up is free and sample course chapters are available to all users.

The first three lessons are free, so you can get a good idea of whether or not you want to pay for the entire class. The courses begin at 49 euros with considerable savings to be found in the bundle offers. There are more courses already on the way, including an advanced Ableton course and classes on producing a house track and throwing your first event.

Their unique approach to education integrates video masterclasses, workbook assignments, and other unique strategies. 

For an extra fee, courses can also include a personal coaching and consulting session. Students will have one 30-minute coaching session with professionals from The School of House team. This is an incredibly unique feature of the platform. Not only are they offering valuable online courses, but they’re offering personal 1-on-1 sessions as well.

The website also features standalone coaching sessions from numerous music professionals. These range from artists sharing production tips to advice from executives about branding and PR. Seemingly any question an upcoming artist could have is answered by The School of House.

Some amazing knowledge is going to be dispersed to aspiring producers around the world via The School of House. If you’re looking to take the next step forward in your career, this platform will help you no matter what level you’re at. It’s an incredible resource and should be considered by all artists regardless of skill or genre.

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