Tchami Brings The Energy With His Remix Pack of “Ghosts”

Tchami - Ghosts Remixes EP

Tchami brings in Honey & Badger, Kramden, GODAMN, and Vowed to put their spin on his fantastic tune “Ghosts.”

House pioneer Tchami is back again this week with yet another remix EP to one of his tracks. Last week we were blown away by the diversity in genres featured on his remix package for “Proud,” and this week, he has graced us with four electrifying remixes to his track “Ghosts“!

It’s clear that Tchami is hard at work currently on his debut album, and while it does not have a definitive release date these two singles proved he’s up to something huge. As fans anxiously wait for its release, he’s continued to fuel the fire around the album through his remix EPs. This one showcases remixes from Honey & Badger, Kramder, GODAMN, and Vowed as they all put their unique spin on “Ghosts”!

Take a listen to Ghosts Remixes on Spotify or your favorite streaming service, read on for more insight, and let us know what your thoughts are on this tune in the comments below!

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The EP gets off to a fantastic start with Honey & Badger’s remix!

Honey & Badger has been a long time member of Tchami’s Confession label. Having releases dating back to 2018, it’s no surprise that he provided a downright groovy remix to kick the remix EP off. The remix starts off with a thumping 4×4 pattern and builds effortlessly into a high-energy, upbeat tune!

Kramder is next on this EP and he delivers a magical take on the track. It has consistent elements of light and breezy soundscapes, providing the perfect soundtrack to vibe out to. The drop stays true to this element and immediately makes you want to nod your head back and forth in unison to this unbelievable remix.

The last half of the remix EP are remixes by GODAMN and Vowed.

Swiss house duo GODAMN are known for their high energy tunes and dub themselves “good and groovy vibe creators.” They bring both of those elements into their remix of “Ghosts” to transform it into a track you can easily get up and dance to and one that you will enjoy repeating for weeks to come.

Closing out the remix EP is Vowed with his take on the song. His remix truly elevates the vocals from Hana by providing prolific sounds that her voice sits comfortably on top of. The entire track is sultry and is perfect for those nights where you want to take a late-night drive and listen to some music.

Tchami Ghosts Remixes – Tracklist:

  1. Ghosts (feat. Hana) (Honey & Badger Remix)
  2. Ghosts (feat. Hana) (Kramder Remix)
  3. Ghosts (feat. Hana) (Godamn Remix)
  4. Ghosts (feat. Hana) (Vowed Remix)

Tchami - Ghosts Remixes EP

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