Megalodon Talks ‘Genetics’ EP and Bedroom Sessions

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Megalodon sat down with us to talk about his fiery new EP Genetics, up-and-coming artists he’s been jamming to, and more!

Hailing from San Francisco, Megalodon has delivered unrelenting, bone-crushing bass with a signature sound since 2008. Having performed around the globe and collaborated with legendary bass acts such as Zeds Dead and SKisM, this master of dubstep is a highly respected mainstay in the bass community – and for good reason. Though we’re still recovering from his gnarly Tooth & Rail EP from 2018, Megalodon’s newly released Genetics EP revisits classic trademark elements while introducing revamped soundscapes.

Each of the four tracks on Genetics has its own unique flair. Ranging from the mechanical trills and chitters of “Drop Dead” featuring JOOL, to the punchy, wet bassline in “Inferno,” Genetics is a statement collection that is sure to launch your bass face into maximum overdrive.

If you’re a fan of Megalodon’s metal-esque endeavors, “Jabber Jaw” will satisfy your craving. Matching a heavy instrumental intro with squelchy, blistering bass, this tune kicks off the EP with incendiary energy. Keep the energy going with “DNA,” a track that begins with innocent chord progressions before escalating into a full onslaught of rapid-fire bass waves.

Stream Genetics on Spotify below, grab a copy on your favorite platform, and read on for our Q&A with Megalodon!

Listen to Megalodon – Genetics on Spotify:

Thanks for chatting with us! Let’s start with your new EP Genetics. Can you give us a look inside your mind as a producer and share what your creative vision and process was for this release?

Hey, thanks for having me! This EP was a follow-up concept for my Tooth & Rail EP which came out a year or so ago. I wanted to touch base with some of the metal-influenced direction, while also giving it a 2020 vibe. I tried to pick these tracks out of a handful of ones I was making at the time, and frankly, it was the first batch of tunes I’ve made without song titles in the original demos in a very long time. That being said, I was able to come up with the whole Genetics concept after already deciding on the tracklist.

You’ve been throwing down some heavy sets on livestream alongside AL ROSS, Virtual Riot, and several others. How do you think live streaming has changed the culture of both fans and artists within the dance music scene, and is this something you see yourself continuing after quarantine ends?

We’re living in some crazy times, streaming has almost become the substitute for live shows. We’ve been very fortunate enough to team up with the Dub Rebellion YouTube channel and a slew of artists to do our “Bedroom Sessions” streams and we’ve had wonderful feedback so far. It kind of reminds me of an earlier time of dubstep, when radio was much more relevant and channels like “Get Darker” were helping to push the musical direction into interesting places. As much as the streams are fun, though, I think I can speak for all of us when I say I MISS GOING TO SHOWS!

How have you been staying active, both professionally and personally, during the quarantine?

I’ve been lucky enough to be in quarantine with a few friends and we’ve been taking this time to focus on creativity and self-improvement. I sure needed it, I totally gained a few pounds over the winter!

As an established producer who’s been doing this for a while now you’ve surely seen a lot of newer artists come in over time. Are there any younger artists who you’d say are genuinely unique and ahead of the curve?

It’s one of the coolest things to watch other people’s careers blossom. I’ve been fortunate to see it happen many times and this new batch of talent we have in the scene is so insanely gifted. I could name so many people right now, but off the top of my head I’d have to give a big shout out to the homies Whales, Hi I’m Ghost and JOOL. The work ethic they all possess has been extremely inspiring!

Though you’re a California native you’ve traveled and lived all over. Imagine life is finally back to normal – what new location would you want to try out next?

Funny you ask that I was just joking with the guys about going to Hawaii when this is all over. Though honestly, when normality comes back I won’t care where I am, as long as I’m back on stage rocking out with my fans.

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