Get Down with ‘The Final Alchemy’ Compilation Album from CONFESSION

Confession - The Final Alchemy - Cover Art

The Final Alchemy compilation from CONFESSION is the perfect blend of tracks by a variety of talented artists handpicked by Tchami.

Even though it feels like all the days are blending together as we continue to cope with uncertain times, Music is one of the many things we all have right now to keep us grounded and in good spirits. Thankfully, Tchami the fearless leader of the label CONFESSION is blessing us with The Final Alchemy, a compilation album fully packed with fresh music from a variety of talented artists.

In true Tchami style, he’s dug deep to create the final compilation in this series. Simply put, the range on The Final Alchemy is impeccable. It’s the right balance of tracks that make you want to turn up with excitement, and tracks that make you want to chill and groove.

Take a listen to The Final Alchemy on Spotify below, download or stream on your preferred platform, and read on for my take on these fresh tracks from the CONFESSION compilation album!

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The compilation begins with “Do It” by MASTERIA and AceMyth, a solid track that sets the tone for the album.

Full of high-energy, the track includes funky synths and a melodic bassline that work seamlessly together. It’s the perfect way to get listeners warmed up and ready for what’s the come.

Things get even hotter with “Ride or Die” by ZOOTAH and ESH.

Don’t let the opening seconds fool you, this track goes hard. The buildup is modest and subtle, but once it drops, you’re grooving to that heavy bass. The distorted synths and vocals work in tandem to get your heart rate up and blood pumping. “Bounce That” by JC Ordonez will make anyone want to bounce their gluteus maximus. The melody is smooth and rhythmic and delivers all the proper booty-shaking house vibes. 

“Don’t Stop” by Kohmi is the song for all the sassy ravers out there.

Prepare to get loose as the song repeats “it’s the queen sitting here and I don’t stop,” a proper anthem that’ll make anyone feel a surge of confidence before a special melodic moment. “Crazy” by Spinstyles is quite unique and stands out from the pack. It’s quirky, it’s funky, but the melody is full of energy and good vibes. “My Soul” by Cloverdale delivers just that—soul and house. 

Lastly, there’s “Pupsick” by KIIDA and ALEX, the closing song on the album. T

he vocals are impeccable, it’s my favorite thing about the track. The soulfulness and depth come through beautifully. The melody is more on the distorted, heavier side. There are certain parts of the song that remind me of Malaa.

Overall, the album is solid across the board. Even though I didn’t recognize any of the artists featured (don’t come for me), it’s refreshing to have new artists to follow and fall in love with.

CONFESSION — The Final Alchemy — Tracklist:

  1. MASTERIA & AceMyth – Do It (3:52)
  2. ZOOTAH & ESH – Ride or Die (3:41)
  3. Kohmi – Don’t Stop (3:26)
  4. Spinstyles – Crazy (4:06)
  5. JC Ordonez – Bounce That (3:46)
  6. Cloverdale – My Soul (4:13)
  7. KIIDA & ALEX – Pupsick (3:26)

Confession - The Final Alchemy - Cover Art

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