Five Elemental Avatars You’ll Meet at Lucidity Festival

Lucidity Festival 2019 Emancipator
Photo Credit: Curious Josh

As this decade draws to a close, the global awareness of human-led stewardship on the Earth is at an all-time high and Lucidity Festival is leading the charge.

Humanity presses onward with determination into the 2020s with a concrete understanding of how our behaviors and ethos will be the salvation or damnation of our home planet. While gloom and doom may be lurking around every corner for some, Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara, CA maintains an optimistic light in these imaginably dark times.

To close out their penultimate trilogy in the festival’s twelve-year mythic narrative, they have chosen a theme that is quite apropos to the world’s current events: Regeneration Earth. This theme will be reflected in the musical and educational programming, as well as the festival design and aesthetics. An integral part of the regeneration process, interactivity and communication will be central to this year’s theme.

During Regeneration Earth, you will encounter several Human Avatars who embody the essence of an element: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, & Spirit. When you are wandering the Lucid Universe, look out for these avatars and approach them with curiosity and ambition; they have a lot to teach!

Check out the video below for a peek into the world of Lucidity Festival, grab your tickets now via their website, and read on for the five elemental avatars you’ll encounter while visiting.


No human avatar is more in tune with Regeneration Earth than Leaf, the son of the Earth itself! This foliage-clad sprite makes his home in the Elemental Realm of Earth, one of the five realms dispersed throughout the oak trees in the Lucid Universe. This master builder and family man embodies sustainable practices and encourages healthy expressions of play. Feel free to engage Leaf with intrigue, poking and prodding him with questions about personal sustainability and community development. He just might teach you a thing or two about health and happiness!


Accompanied by her trusty friend, Blue Space Whale, River is both a healer and a peaceful warrior. If you find yourself in the Elemental Realm of Water, you might approach her with a sense of lucidity and clarity, for she does not entertain negative energy or trite pessimism. River will go deep with you and flow away if the conversation ebbs into the shallows.


A pivotal character in the story of the awakening of humankind, Luci was the first hu-being dreamt awake during the magnificent and chaotic creation of the universe. The ancestor to all, Luci is the revelator of the ancient wisdom of the Elementals. Seek her out in the Realm of Spirit in order to gain knowledge concerning the nature of creation and the interconnectivity of all things.


Let a conversation with Zephyr lift you into an elevated state of excitement and optimism. Along with his companion the Golden Eagle, Zephyr watches mindfully over our grand scheme, never afraid to play the trickster or the magician. Stay sharp when you interact with Zephyr, as he is one of the wisest Elementals that graces the Lucid Universe, and while he is a good-hearted, he has never been one to shy away from a little mischief!


The Fire Elemental Dawn is one of the most powerful Elementals that wanders the Lucid Universe. Accompanied by her friend the Shapeshifting Salamander (who occasionally takes the form of a Phoenix), Dawn catalyzes creativity and incites passion within whomever she comes into contact with. She inspires the curious and is an arbiter for positivity and good health. You will find Dawn in the Elemental Realm of Fire inspiring play and holding space for profound personal development.

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