Electric Forest 2019
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Electric Forest has opened up the Wish Machine for entries and submissions from Forest Family members have already begun to pour in!

There are a million reasons to love Electric Forest, but the Wish Machine is undoubtedly one of the most unique and popular reasons. Each year, Forest HQ asks patrons what they desire most out of their Electric Forest experience, and what they will do to make their desire a reality. Now, Electric Forest 2020 is on the horizon and HQ has opened the Wish Machine once again!

Those who make a wish must state it in the following form: “If I _________, then Electric Forest will _________________.” Wishes can be personal or communal, small or big. There’s no right answer! All submissions are judged on the same criteria: 50% social impact & ambition, 30% feasibility, and 20% originality.

Electric Forest grants “a limited number” of wishes each year.

For example, one woman convinced her office to take a day to clean a Denver park in conjunction with HQ and local activists. In return, Electric Forest granted her an artist slot at the Silent Disco in 2019! Another woman committed to picking up 10,000 cigarette butts in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Electric Forest brought her and her son to the 2019 festival to pass out pocket ashtrays to help curb cigarette litter!

Requests for 2020 are already pouring in! Forest Fam have requested everything from specific artists on the lineup to a stand where festival-goers can “pie” artists for charity! The Wish Machine closes on March 1st, 2020, so if you want to make Electric Forest 2020 extra special go ahead and submit your wish. You never know what they’ll say!


Submit your wish for Electric Forest 2020 on their website, read about past granted wishes, and keep an eye out for more information regarding presales, lineups, and more!

Wish Machine

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