Shambhala Music Festival 2019 Announces Powerhouse Lineup By Stage

Shambhala Music Festival

At Shambhala Music Festival 2019, six uniquely curated stages will create an unreal and legendary experience of music and art.

With Shambhala Music Festival still months away, the lineup announcements just keep getting bigger and bigger. The four-day festival will once again take place at Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia from August 9-12. The breathtaking family-run farm will host hundreds of world-class artists across six unique stages each curated by their own directors.

Kicking things off is The Village Stage which will pack a bass-heavy punch. Artists who will be playing on this stage include legends like NeroChase & Status, and Excision, along with Ganja White Night, Rusko, Jauz, and many others. As The Village celebrates its 20th anniversary, it is poised to once again provide a unique experience.

Next up is The Living Room Stage – the vibey, disco dance home at Shambhala.

Hosting artists like Doc Martin, Marques Wyatt, Laura Low, and many others. By day, it is an organic dubbed out funky soul and groove beach and by night it transforms into a heavier groove with tasteful house vibes and other great mysteriousness.

Believe it or not, Fractal Forest’s humble beginnings had it starting out as the smallest stage in the forest built on a burnt out, old growth tree stump. Now, 21 years later it has become a world-class music venue. This is where you will find all of your Breaks, Glitch Hop, House, DnB, Turntablism, Hip Hop, and Funk! Featuring artists like Griz, The Funk Hunters, SNBRN, the elusive Silk City and so many others, you won’t want to sleep on this stage.

Located in the heart of the downtown core of Shambhala, the Amp Stage is the very first dance floor you will become acquainted with.

Flanked by lush gardens on one side and vendors on the other it is a hub of activity. They will be hosting artists from all genres, all playing on a stunning PK Sound system. This lineup will include artists like Mija, Billy Kenny, TroyBoi, and more!

Are you ready to leave this world and travel to an immersive and interactive dimension? The Grove will be featuring artists like FKJ, Bonobo (DJ Set), Moresounds, and many more. A special little grove tucked in the middle of towering cedar trees, this stage transforms with full spectrum Funktion-one sound and incredible lighting design.

Last, but certainly not least, the powerhouse stage known as Pagoda will feature legendary electro and bass artists. Names like Black Tiger Sex Machine, CharlesTheFirst, Zeds Dead, AC Slater, Justin Martin, and more will bring banger after banger to the dance floor. This futuristic temple is a spectacle of lasers, captures PK bass and combines expert video mapping technology for a mythical experience.

With lineups like these, how have you not gotten your ticket yet? Don’t delay, grab them today via!

Check out the full lineups below and stream the playlists for the Village Stage, Living Room Stage, Pagoda Stage, Grove Stage, Fractal Forest, and Amp Stage on Spotify to get a feel for their sound!

Shambhala Music Festival 2019 – Stage Lineups:

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