TÂCHES Heart Over Heels - Press Shot

TÂCHES takes a playful turn with “Sofia’s Theme,” the lead single from his upcoming Heart Over Heels EP.

Drawing as always from the wellspring of boundless creativity and ceaseless romanticism within his soul, British-born, Mallorca-raised artist TÂCHES returns with “Sofia’s Theme,” the lead single off of his upcoming EP, Heart Over Heels. The new EP will mark the sixth release on his Glitter Cowboy imprint, which has previously served as the vehicle for the last five captivating chapters that chart the astonishing depth and breadth of TÂCHES’ musical talent.

Having been swept away by TÂCHES’ spellbinding allure early last year with his contemplative In The Company Of Others EP, we’ve eagerly awaited each new opportunity to peer into his unique world. And with each subsequent release, we’ve done just that, and have been treated to a vast array of sweeping orchestral melodies, contemplative harmonies, and understated grooves. But “Sofia’s Theme” is altogether different than anything we’ve heard before.

When asked to comment on the track, the response from TÂCHES was right to the point, but leaves plenty to the imagination:

“”From across a room or an ocean, you never cease to hypnotise me.”

One can only infer, then, that “Sofia’s Theme” is intended to be something of a love letter to a muse, and taken in that context, the departure from what we’ve previously heard from TÂCHES is surely intentional. Its unassuming introduction hearkens back to the gentle, tribal-oriented bongo drum riffs we’ve grown so accustomed to with his sound. The intro layers in a gentle harp arpeggio before taking a playful departure to the southern shore of France with a groovy bassline, spirited synth, and feather-light vocals-and then circles right back around again. The dual nature of the track gives it an unexpected quality–almost like you think you know right where you’re going only to be surprised once again.

One thing is for certain–if TÂCHES isn’t on your radar, you’d best get to paying attention. Check out his latest work with “Sofia’s Theme” below and keep an eye out for the release of the full EP.

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