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Those heading to the XLIVE Conference & Expo in Las Vegas next week have a plethora of informative labs taught by industry leaders to look forward to! 

With less than a week until the 2018 XLIVE Conference & Expo, it’s time to start planning which panels and workshops to attend! On top of the dozens of panels you can attend, this year XLIVE has introduced its Labs Workshop Series, which is broken down into six key categories including ESports, Cannabis, Event Tech + Live Event Data & Analytics, Production + Design, Brand Activations, and CVB & Destination City.

Each lab is taught by well-established leaders from the many corners of the industry, each giving their own unique perspective on these range of issues. Ranging from three to four hours (and some even 2-day events), these workshops will leave you with an in-depth understanding of the past, present, and future of each of these categories of the live event industry. Check out details of the six categories of the Labs Workshop Series below and get excited for the wealth of knowledge that is to come.

Looking to attend the 2018 edition of the XLIVE Conference & Expo in Las Vegas? Check out our post for more details on what’s happening next week at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Check out the full 2018 XLIVE Agenda and start planning your panels and workshops! 


eSports, otherwise known as competitive video gaming, has been the fastest growing segment of the event industry in this decade, set to reach the billions by the end of 2019. This two-day workshop will delve deep into this burgeoning industry, as speakers explain the competitive league infrastructure and talk through the ins and outs of sponsorship, influencers, and brands in relation to eSports.

Day 1
When: Sunday, December 9 from 1PM-5PM
Where: Level 3, South Seas B

Day 2:
When: Monday, December 10 from 9AM-12PM 
Where: Level 3, South Seas B 


Now that recreational use of cannabis is legalized in a few U.S. states and Canada, festivals have a lot to consider in terms of safely introducing cannabis into their events. Speakers will give their insight into creating successful cannabis activations, working with vendors, and navigating new laws, permits, and protocols.

When: Sunday, December 9 from 1PM-5PM
Where: Level 3, Jasmine A

Live Event Data & Analytics

Here, industry leaders will go through some important case studies and prove the importance of collecting and analyzing live event data. With the ability to obtain and analyze this data as taught by these speakers, companies may learn how to grow their events exponentially.

When: Monday, December 10 from 9AM-12PM
Where: Level 3, Jasmine E 

Production & Design

One of the most exciting aspects of the live event industry is how the jaw-dropping production comes alive and takes us to another world. Some of the amazing and creative leaders in festival production will come to discuss the latest trends and techniques during this workshop. We’ll learn how they expertly bring together LED dance floors, glow furniture, laser beams, lighting, holograms, and music to create immersive and transformational experiences at events.

When: Sunday, December 9 from 1PM-5PM
Where: Level 3, South Seas A

Brand Activations

We’ve seen a huge surge in experiential marketing spending by brands as eyes have moved away from the TV screen in the past years. Now, one of the best places to hit their target markets is at live events, and we have some key players in this industry to give us the details on the inner workings of these brand activations. Speakers will address how to best create personalized and immersive guest experiences, as well as how to harness and collect that guest data.

When: Monday, December 10 from 9AM-12PM
Where:  Level 3, Jasmine A

CVB & Destination City

This workshop will include a mix of entertainment industry professionals, event technology providers, production specialists, and live event organizers, all coming together to provide some insight into how events can incorporate city attractions to make their entire trip a more wholesome and exciting experience for guests. It will be focused on Las Vegas and New Orleans, but knowledge can be applied to any destination event!

When: Monday, December 10 from 9AM-12PM
Where: Level 3, South Seas A

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