Up Your Flag Game This Festival Season With Fest Flags!

EDMID Flags From Fest Flags

Looking for the perfect flag to rock this festival season so you can locate your campsite or find your friends? The Fest Flags team has you covered!

Just years ago it seemed as if all the flags that were visible stuck to the same designs and logos that were easily found on sites like Amazon. Otherwise, you’d be paying an arm and a leg to have a custom design. Recently though, the market has exploded with flags that sport unique designs that stand out from the crowd at affordable costs, and Fest Flags is helping lead the charge.

Lightweight, easy to pack, and typically not on the banned item list at festivals, flags have quickly become one of the most popular accessories in the festival scene. Add on the ability to hoist it high above the crowd or wear it on your back like a cape, and these custom flags have become the perfect way to show off your favorite acts, artistic designs, and more.

Fest Flags provides a number of different options for those looking to up their flag game during festival season. Their website hosts some pre-made designs starting at just $19.99 that you can order quickly, but the customizable ones are really where it’s at. Giving the choice of different sizes, quantities, and even the option of getting the design work made for you, there are a variety of affordable prices and options to choose from.

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Having been an avid lover of flags for many years now, with a collection of different sizes, designs, and more from different events and brands I support, I was curious to see what Fest Flags could bring to the table.

Ordering was simple, making the process one of the easiest I’ve experienced when ordering custom products.

Honestly, I don’t have a ton of graphic design experience, and knowing this ahead of ordering I reached out to the Fest Flags Team to see what they could do to help my flag stand out from the crowd. Discussing concepts and colors via email, I sent over the EDM Identity logo and gave them some artistic freedom on the design.

Within a day I had a link to a Google Drive folder that featured a variety of different styles to choose from, with different styles, colors, and patterns that popped. I elected to choose a nice, bright blue design that really stuck out, picked which style of grommets I wanted to be set, and sent it off to get processed. On top of the customized design, I also ordered a flag that was the same style as ones I had ordered previously from University Customs so that I could get an idea of how the quality compared.

Both flags arrived quickly, and I tore open the packaging immediately to check out the goods.

The first thing I noticed was that the material itself was more mesh-like than previous flags that I had ordered, but definitely felt very sturdy and well put together. The designs on both flags came out perfectly, and while there was slight blurriness, these were meant to be flown from a flagpole so there is no issue with that.

Comparing the build to University Customs, the stitching and grommets definitely felt and looked stronger. I was interested to see that they didn’t include the extra layer of protection for the grommet itself, and I haven’t had the chance to fly these at a festival, so I’ll update this post with more details regarding durability once it has gone through testing at Coachella.

Grommet and Stitching Comparsion
Grommet and Stitching Comparison
Top: Fest Flags
Bottom: University Customs

Overall, the entire process of obtaining customized flags with the Fest Flags team has been an absolute dream.

The ordering process was quick, the flags arrived just as fast, and the quality seems to definitely be there as well. If you’re looking to create your own customized flag for festival season, I highly recommend Fest Flags!

Order from Fest Flags today by visiting their website or calling 302-469-3524!


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