IZM is set to leave a lasting impression with the darker sounds of electronic music on the new release, “Dynasty”.

Surviving what may have been one of the craziest experiences a DJ may have been involved in back in the earlier part of the decade, it’s safe to say that Eddie Rangel, aka IZM, has been through quite a lot in life. Taking one step at a time to make his way back into the music scene by way of beats that he truly believes in, IZM has now released “Dynasty” for your listening pleasure.

Originally posted as a minute long teaser on IZM’s SoundCloud account, the time has now come for the official, full-length release of “Dynasty”. Featuring a dark driving bassline and tribal-infused drums that will have your head bobbing along to the beat, this house track is perfect for those late nights in grungy warehouses.

Only further cementing the infectious quality of the tune are the vocals that come in throughout the tune. Whether simple stabs of the word “Close” or the extended vocal sample that comes in towards the end of the song, its futuristic, distorted sound has left me coming back for more.

Without further ado, we are proud to premiere “Dynasty” here at EDM Identity. Take a listen to the tune and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!

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“The atmosphere and vocal chants are field recordings from Roman Catholic mass. I wanted to combine industrial, urban, and tribal aesthetics to reflect my mixed ethnic heritage and sordid life experiences.”


With the release of “In Our Cages” and now “Dynasty”, along with the No Aesthetic mix as well, it’s clear that this IZM has found his groove and is now perfecting his sound. Stay tuned to IZM’s channels, as we’re expecting more quality work to come from his studio.

IZM Dynasty

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