Phoenix Lights 2017

I have honestly never seen an unexpected turn of events like this, but the venue has been changed last-minute for Phoenix Lights.

With less than 72 hours of time before gates are supposed to open for the third annual Phoenix Lights Festival, Relentless Beats has had no choice but to change venues. Due to circumstances beyond the festival’s control, Phoenix Lights will now be taking place at the Rawhide Town & Event Center. The company has produced many other great events (Boo!, Global Dance, Decadence) at this venue so the switch should come fairly natural to attendees.

A lot of time, effort and resources went into the planning of the festival, with the City of Phoenix doing everything in its power to make this work with two major events in the park on back to back weekends,=. Due to circumstances beyond our control the timetable to execute a safe event was not there. We want to assure all our fans that we will still have an amazing event and we are excited to welcome them to Rawhide. We look forward to working with the City of Phoenix to bring Phoenix Lights back to downtown next year and thank them for their support.

– Thomas Turner, Founder of Relentless Beats

Don’t fret, Relentless Beats is truly relentless in their efforts

In an effort to create the best possible scenario for those who will be attending Phoenix Lights, but have reserved hotels in Downtown Phoenix, Relentless Beats has arranged for regular shuttles to take fans to Rawhide. The pick up location has been set for the corner of 1st Street and Moreland Street. Additionally, those fans local to the area or preferring to drive to the venue will not be required to pay for parking. Additional details will be released, as they become available.

Although the venue is different, your essentials are still the same!

Remember that ticket are still available here.

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