DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs Winners Announced!

DJMAG Top 100 Clubs

The results are in and DJ Mag has tallied the votes on the top dance music venues this year!

Every year DJ Mag not only takes on the Top DJs in the world, but tries to tackle the public’s perception of what makes a great club.  The poll has individuals around the world vote on the best experiences they had during late nights as they bleed into the wee hours of the morning.  It’s no surprise to see the list with more than a few meccas of electronic music’s heralds around the world.  The experiences offered at most of these venues are immense spectacles with booming sound systems.  They’ll take you around the globe and showcase the diverse love for the music and the nightlife. After voting by fans and clubbers from around the world, the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs list has been released for you to feast your eyes on!

LA’s now iconic Exchange LA (hosted by Insomniac Events) hits the list at #27 (Up 6 Spots)
So, what are some commonalities in this poll?

Well, for one, almost every club on the list fits the bill for a mega-club.  These are the venues around the world that cater to large crowds, massive sound systems, and amazing experiences.  They are as much a feast for the ears as they are for the eyes.  From #1 to #100 many of the clubs cater to large dance floors and table service, from frantic lights to dark warehouses, and from one side of the world to the next.  There are, in one form or another, 14 new venues that were not on the list last year.  The biggest riser rose 50 spots, while the one who slipped the most fell over 59 spots down the list.

Zouk Singapore stands firm rising 2 spots to #4 despite having to move locations

Surprisingly, though, after a little research, we can see the club landscape evolving.  When broken down by country, 17 clubs on this list are the only ones in their country.  6 countries have two clubs on the list including producer hot spot The Netherlands, westernized Far East locales like Japan, Thailand, and Singapore, and European holiday hot spot Greece.  From there the climb is steady – France has 3 (all in Paris), Germany and Indonesia tie at 4 apiece, and Croatia slams in 6 entries in its small landmass.

Then come the big boys!

From there on – the list grows fast:
  • China pops in 7 entries across the land
  • Brazil brings 8 club experiences to the list
  • Spain, with Ibiza and Mallorca, tap in 12 to the rankings
  • The United Kingdom drops in one extra at 13
  • The United States crams in 14 as a country

So, what can we see in the above data?

With a view like that, how could Papaya, a star for Croatia, not make the list? It’s sitting at #9 (Up 2 slots)

For one, as I said, the landscape of club culture is changing.  This should not be a surprise given the nature of festivals as well.  The US landscape is having a significant impact on how the industry moves forward – including cultural bombshells like New York City with 2 clubs, Miami with 2 clubs, Los Angeles with 2 clubs, surprising Seattle with 2 clubs, oh and that little desert gem Las Vegas with 6 clubs on the list.

The surprises though come from the rising countries of China and Brazil.  Dance music culture can no longer ignore these two rising giants of their respective regions.  Will Brazil’s Techno and Tech House focus over the past 10 years impact how music is made at the top-tier?  What will China’s impact be as the world’s most populous nation continues to grab onto dance music?  These two topics ought to be watched carefully for those interested in where the music is heading.

Brazil’s Laroc Club may be a new entry, but it’s likely the sunset club will have staying power, and it is obvious why just from this photo.

That said, it is not all gloom and doom!  The United Kingdom, a huge force in all genres of Dance over the years – including birthing the Drum & Bass movement as a whole – remains a clubbers paradise.  Spain as well retains focus on the culture as a whole – in fact, 9 clubs in total hit the list from two of the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Mallorca).  Ibiza had 7 clubs alone on the list – including the number one, six, seven, eleven, and thirteen in the top fifteen.

The Country Tally for those interested parties
Indonesia’s Dragonfly sports a unique look still despite slipping 20 spots to #98

Who took the # 1 slot in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs List?

It should come as no surprise that the legendary club Space, in Ibiza, took the crown this year.

It is one of the most awarded venues the world over, and it celebrated its 27th and final year on the island last year.  This year, it will be reworked under new ownership, and the vibe will undoubtedly change.  That said, what Pepe accomplished with the club over the past 27 years is no short feat – including propelling Techno and Tech House into the world through plenty of creative passers-by.  From House to Techno, the venue hosted almost every icon you could think of in the industry… almost every icon I said.  That’s a testament to the creative spirit of the venue, and it is easy to see why it took #1 when you look at what it means to the industry.

Catch the documentary DJ Mag pulled together when the venue hit 25 years old here:

Alternatively – you can take a long look at Space with this video which celebrates the island and the club:

For more information, check out the full list over on DJ Mag’s website by clicking here.

When you look at the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs, is there any omissions you think should have made the list?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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