Topi Swapping Things

Upcoming producer Topi, changes things up on his newest track, “Swapping Things”!

Topi has made waves in the dance music world since he stepped into the scene. Topi is a young, 23-year-old producer from Finland. His production is best described as glitchy, robotic music that flows together melodically. His distinctive production takes inspiration from Kill the Noise, Noisia, and Feed Me. Looking up to his inspirations, he has spent countless hours perfecting the sound design in his music. His hard work began paying off within the past year when he got signed exclusively to Monstercat’s roster. Topi’s usual production lives in the realm of 115 – 125 bpm, but his newest track “Swapping Things,” is at the nice and groovy 128bpm.

The track still has Topi’s signature glitchy, distorted sounds laid throughout the track, but along with that is that nice 4/4 drum pattern that makes everyone want to dance. “Swapping Things” is a masterful work of sound design and shows the versatility of this budding producer. Listening to this track alone it’s very obvious why Monstercat scooped up this kid! The thing that I enjoy about Topi’s music is how unique and out-of-the-box it is. He’s an artist that’s really got a distinct sound and his production quality is top-notch. Every glitchy noise that’s included in his tracks are clear and crisp and sound good on any type of speakers.

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