Desert Hearts Festival Spring 2016
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It’s getting close to the end of March and that means it’s almost time to once again rejoin all the wonderful and beautiful faces at Desert Hearts Festival.

Desert Hearts will be returning to its home on the beautiful lands of the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation where there has been enough rainfall this winter to actually put a little water in the stream that has typically been dry for the past 3 years. This is the first year that tickets have sold out nearly a month before the start date. If you have a ticket, you’re a very lucky person! As always, the Desert Hearts family will be providing over 100 hours of techno and house music for your listening delight from their beloved “One Stage One Vibe” philosophy. With all the hours of amazing music, we have picked out a few top choices of the not to be missed artist of this year’s spring Desert Hearts Festival.

Let’s start off with two of the most loved members of the Desert Hearts crew; Mikey Lion and Lee Reynolds.

While often times they are mistaken as father and son, these two guys both know how to pull the audience into a set with deep chill house sets and when to burn up the dance floor with fun little firestarters. The former, Mikey Lion began his DJ career in Spain, where his last name “Leon” was once put on a marquee as “Mikey Lion”, and the name stuck ever since. The latter, Lee Reynolds, was a professional BMX rider from England long before creating his own house music events. While having individual sets, they DH crew often open and close the festival with a group set. So don’t be surprised to see these guys both playing amazing tunes to the crowd’s absolute delight and don’t be shy about going backstage. The “One Stage, One Vibe” allows for everyone to experience what it’s like to see the sea of happy dancing faces.

To not mention the Martin Brothers, Justin and Christian, as a top pick of this event would just be a criminal.

Bringing their own Dirtybird tech funk into the mix is exactly what makes the music at DH so immensely fun and different, while still having the general vibe as the rest of the music being played. With events like their Dirtybird BBQs and Campouts, the music and the people at these events get along very well with the DH crew. Justin Martin and Christian Martin have been key acts in the past few Spring Festivals, and it is for certain that these guys will be working on something extra special for their upcoming sets on the Los Coyotes Reservation.

If you have yet to experience a set from Porkchop of the famous DH crew, then do yourself a favor and make sure that you show up for when he take over the decks.

When Porkchop is spinning a set, the aura of the whole dance floor changes and an instant surge of euphoria comes across the faces of hundreds as many worries are left behind and your body starts swaying to the music without you even asking it to. His mixes have this amazing uplifting essence that bring in classics, like Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” remixed by Gigamesh. His unbreakable smile while on stage is only rivals by the truly nice and genuine person that his is off the stage. If you get the chance, tell Porky that you love him, and you can’t wait to see his set. I’m sure he will flash you that famous grin of his.

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This amazing event is not without its performing acts as well.

One of the best parts about Desert Hearts is the fire spinning that is being supplied by the amazing group known as West Coast Eclectic Arts. From hoopers and poi to single staff, dragon staff, and rope dart; this group has some of the most talented fire spinners in all of Southern California. Don’t forget to check out Master Andrés Treviño who is one of the best flow arts instructors in America and he often offers classes for you to further hone your flow arts skills.

West Coast Eclectic Arts
West Coast Eclectic Arts
Photo Credit: Jacob Avanzato

Seeing many of these top picks will definitely make sure you to have a good time, none if these are more important than the people of Desert Hearts. From the people of the pile palace to the makers of wench toast, and the countless others who come together with the same GSD (get s**t done) attitude; it’s the everyday people you will meet that will change the way you feel about other events. The support and love for one another cannot be matched by other events. You will understand why everyone comes home saying “We are all Desert Hearts”.

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