EDM TV Series ‘Momentum’ Set for a Fall Release


An upcoming TV series that is inspired by true events will come to life this fall, thanks to the talented creator Michael C. Morello. This series, titled Momentum, has a mission to not only serve as a true to life drama, but also to curate a platform in which artists, large or small, can thrive through the promotion it will provide. The events take place in the deep underground Electronic Music scene of New York City.

This excerpt from the creator gives an insight on exactly what the show is about, as well as an attached trailer to really get the full effect.

Michael Morris, a blue collar orphan all grown up and full of doubt never found a home, but what he did find is electronic music hiding in the bedroom of his foster home. After an overnight viral explosion, Michael is thrown into the fast life of DJ culture, a world where social media dictates all, and where there are so many “options” that no one decides who they are. Michael must navigate his way through the chaos of massive success but decide what is worth sacrificing. His family, his friends, his health and most importantly his beliefs, all take a massive toll along this bumpy ride veiled with the prospect of fame and dollar signs.

Stream Momentum – The Series Teaser:

About Momentum:

  • Director: Spencer Zabiela
  • DP & Editor: Patrick McDevitt
  • Producers: Olivia Luccardi, Spencer Zabiela, Patrick McDevitt & Michael C. Morello

Keep a lookout for the first airing of the pilot episode this Fall!

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