Originally, this list was supposed to a list of the Top 5 artists you have to see at this upcoming CRSSD Festival in October. However, there is just too much good talent on this lineup that it’s now a Top 10 list.

You don’t want to miss out on this incredible lineup paired with the incredible San Diego weather. The event is set to be held on October 1st and 2nd. Tickets are going fast and can be purchased here.

CRSSD October Lineup


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London based producer, SOPHIE, has taken the scene by storm. He’s already earned the respect of big name DJs such as Alison Wonderland, Keys n Krates, and Major Lazer. His style is an infusion between pop, electronic, and J-Pop vocals. You have to listen to understand, but once you do, you’ll be hooked!

9. Trippy Turtle

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Trippy Turtle has accumulated a wide fanbase over the years. Not revealing his identity, this turtle combines Jersey Club with R&B samples from popular songs. He’s an incredible artist that performs as another name on this list as well, but both acts are phenomenal!

8. Sam Feldt

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Spinnin’ Records signee, Sam Feldt, is really taking the music scene by storm. His style of tropical house is infectious and catchy. His song, “Show Me Love,” really skyrocketed his career and since then it’s been nothing but good news for this young Dutch-man.

7. Wave Racer

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Showcasing CRSSD Fest’s diversity in their lineup is Wave Racer — a truly unique artist that has paved the way for himself with his plethora of songs that all seemingly could be put in video game soundtracks. Further, his crisp and unique sounds are a testament to this producer dubbed as “the next Flume” by some people.

6. AC Slater

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The Night Bass head honcho himself takes to the stage at CRSSD. Feel-good house music is what AC Slater specializes in. He’s constructed an immense following through Night Bass. Make sure you check him out for songs that are indefinitely groovy.


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REZZ continually is on our “must see” lists for just about any festival she is at – and for good reason too! She has blew up over the past year or so, and is being heralded as the “Queen of Techno.” Her style is profoundly good – something between a mix of Gesaffelstein and Deadmau5, but there’s just this “X-Factor” about her that sets her in a league of her own.

4. Malaa

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Not much is known about Malaa – he wears a ski mask every single time he performs. He came onto the scene about a year ago and has really set the tone for himself. His songs are dark, ominous, but catchy at the same time. Overall, I think he’s a great addition to the CRSSD lineup and I’m personally excited to see what the hype is all about.

3. Cashmere Cat

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Cashmere Cat doesn’t generally come around to the West Coast that much, so when he was announced to play at CRSSD his fans were ecstatic. This Norwegian producer has expanded his tastes beyond electronic music and has done producing for the likes of Jeremih, Ariana Grande, and Kanye West, among plenty of others. His own songs are lush, melodic and beautiful. He’s slated to come out with a new album in the future, so hopefully his CRSSD set will be full of new tracks!

2. Lido

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Lido is an incredibly artistic and musical person/artist. His newest EP, “The Passion Project,” is an ode to soulful R&B infused with meticulous and awesome production. Aside from that, he’s produced for Halsey and Chance the Rapper. His live show is something I recommend everyone checking out, if they can – it’s what sets him above everyone else. It’s not confirmed yet, but we’re hoping he brings his entire live show to CRSSD main stage. His SoundCloud does not do him justice, as a majority of songs have been taken down, so I suggest you take a look at Spotify or Youtube.

1. Dr. Fresch

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The number one guy you have to see at CRSSD is none other than Dr. Fresch. The reason Dr. Fresch is the top of this list is not only due to his signature g-house style and production, but because of his diverse sets he plays. You’re guaranteed a good-time if you go and see his set and you can tell the amount of passion this guy possesses for dance music. A truly genuine artist and person as well, which is hard to find in dance music!

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