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Summer On You

Sam Feldt must be a romantic! Ever since “Show Me Love” I’ve fallen in love with his work! Sam Feldt’s music consistently ushers me into a whirlwind of passionate emotion and a sense of adventure. His insightful lyrics are always paired with perfectly complimentary melodies and beats. Sam Feldt has the ability to share beautiful messages in all of his works that are universally relatable. One of his newest hits, a collaboration with Lucas & Steve, “Summer On You” is no exception. In fact, the original “Summer On You” mix has already amassed quite the following — over 5 million Spotify streams and 1.8 million YouTube views to be exact.

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Clearly, Sam Feldt knows how to create incredible music people all over the world can connect with! Now, he’s back with a club edit of “Summer On You” that makes the already successful track even better. The club edit was released on Spinnin’ Records on July 24, 2016. With the driving force of added bass, dynamic upbeat rhythms, and guitar accompaniment, “Summer On You” transforms into a powerful anthem for just about anyone’s summer. Together, Sam, Lucas & Steve add forward progression and edginess to the original track to make it bigger than ever before.

Listen to Sam Feldt x Lucas & Steve – “Summer On You” (Club Edit) on SoundCloud:

When I first heard the song, I felt as if I was preparing for a Melbourne Bounce style drop or even something a bit harder. As I continued to listen, I noticed that the club edit of “Summer On You” is a masterful rendition that successfully adds edge and diversity to an otherwise softer track. The new style strikes a balance between different genres…almost as if Avicii and Kygo got together to create it. I found “Summer On You” to be fun and infectious – I wanted to listen to the track again as soon as it was over. To me, this track perfectly captures the freedom and lightheartedness of summer. I could easily see the new club edit of “Summer On You” being played at festivals and dance floors all over the world!

Sam Feldt’s beautifully built melodies are the perfect complement to Lucas & Steve’s tantalizing laid back groove. Although no plans have been officially made yet to collaborate on another creation, I’m hoping that they will work together again soon! Sam Feldt’s partnership with fellow Dutch artists Lucas & Steve has certainly proven to be a successful one!

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