No Beef

It is not very popular in the current era of electronic music to openly profess your love towards Steve Aoki and Afrojack. The latter was criticized heavily for his stint with Paris Hilton, and I even got tired of the silly antics that were pulled by Steve Aoki after a few years. I’m not sure if that alters the way they made me feel with their tracks though. In fact, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t know songs like “Turbulence”, “Take Over Control“, “Bangduck”, and “Ladi Dadi”. It is truly funny how that works, both DJs get a lot of flack from both audiences and other artists alike for a variety of topics, yet everyone knows their songs. “No Beef” is one of those songs, a song that was monumental in size for me during my early days of involvement with this community.

Why? Why is this track so important to me? It’s your typical electro-house track from 2011, nothing really special. It incorporates two leaders of the scene at the moment, and the vocals from Miss Palmer, the lyrics aren’t even that deep. You know what it is though? This song brings up a very strong memory every single time I hear it. It was the Thursday before EDC Las Vegas 2012 and we were bombing it down the freeway to get to our hotel. It was dawn, and as we could see the bright lights of Las Vegas in the distance my friend Harry told me to put this track on. Listening to that song as we entered sin city, excited as hell for my first EDC Las Vegas…that right there folks is a memory that I will never forget.

Say what you will about those artists, that era, whatever you want…but there is absolutely nothing you’ll be able to do to erase the memories that came in tow with the songs of that era. So today, in celebration of EDC Las Vegas tomorrow, let’s throw it back to 2011 with Afrojack and Steve Aoki’s hit track “No Beef” featuring vocals by Miss Palmer.

(Fun Fact: Yes that’s Holly Madison chugging some Afroki in the video)

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