Cookie Monsta Unleashes ‘Wobble’

Cookie Monsta Wobble EP

Cookie Monsta is back and wrecking subwoofers worldwide with his newest EP, ‘Wobble’ via Circus Records. His tracks resurrect the iconic dubstep wobble that defined the genre many years ago. The entire 4-track EP is grimy, sinister and phenomenal! Hope you are buckled up and your cargo is stored safely, as this journey with Cookie Monsta is sure to wobble! The EP as well as a review of each track is available below.

Cookie Monsta Wobble EP:


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Ruff feat. Tima Dee

The leading track from Cookie Monsta is “Ruff” featuring Tima Dee. It is a barrage of snares and synths that’ll get the whole crowd raging. Tima Dee has been making waves with her lyrics, previously showcased by JayKode and popularized by her covers on her YouTube channel. “Ruff” is a great introduction to the wobble sound, Tima Dee’s lyrics bring out the animals inside us all, and Cookie Monsta is throwing down some filthy dubstep to get us blasting.

Death Wobl

“Death Wobl” is a slower tempo track, but don’t think for a second it’s anything lesser of a track. Groove with us as Death Wobl takes you through a multitude of varying wobbles, audio samples and buildups. Accentuating even more elements of the namesake wobble, Cookie takes you through so many different tones, you can never really know what’s going to come through the speakers next!

High As Hell

This is a great party song, and expect this track to get featured on many aftermovie videos for 2016. “High As Hell” brings together a fusion of genres with the encompassing wobble seamlessly. The beginning of the track is so catchy, the buildups are impeccable, and the whole track is layered with a funky groove that will get people vibing together.


Remember when Dubstep was something not everyone was ready for? Cookie Monsta’s “Soundboy” is going to be the veterans flashbacks to the good ‘ol wub days. Syncopated beats, reggae influences, and accented wobbles make “Soundboy” an amazing track. Soundboy is hands down my personal favorite of the EP, and expect Cookie to keep this track fresh through his live sets for a long time.


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