New Direction for Markus Schulz

markus schulz

The debut of trance king Markus Schulz’s latest track “Facedown” revealed a completely different side of his musical perspective. This new track, which features Soundland and is partnered with Kazibo, was a fun play into acoustic integration. Markus Schulz released a club version of the guitar-strumming track two days after his world release that is already topping charts. However, the acoustic single “Facedown” means much more to Markus than just another hit song. It’s a journey deeper into his passions.

This unicorn slayer has decided to slowly set his sights onto a different type of magical beast.

This exciting new chapter for Markus has him songwriting and “getting back to [his] roots with just a guitar and writing a story. Not just the melodies and the beats, but actually the words and the stories that accompany the song.”

Markus very much wants to take a moment and show his fans and listeners that there’s another side of him…and he wants to present this new page with just guitars, drums, and vocals.  This new chapter in his life started with his single ‘Destiny’ that was “really important and special…because the thing that I’ve really gotten into lately is songwriting…I’ve always been into creative writing and helping the songwriters, but this is a special track, which comes from a personal relationship.”

Markus Schulz Face Down

Markus Schulz is a legend, one who’s accolades from trance, progressive, and house backgrounds promise nothing but excellence in this new realm of music. He’s crafted his own unique fusion sound, created a thriving DJ label (Coldharbour Recordings) and runs a highly prominent Global DJ Broadcast radio show while traveling the world for hundreds of shows each year. He’s officially one of the strongest leaders of electronic dance music and I wouldn’t be surprised if his jump into acoustic (and not as much electronic) music takes off wildly as well. He’s already hit the ground running!

No matter what happens next, I for one, am very excited!

To learn more about Markus Schulz, you can visit his website.

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