Life In Color Miami 2016 Miami LIC Miami

With Life in Color 2016 starting in Miami, SFX has officially released the tour dates for the Life in Color tour next year along with the theme of the tour. The previous year’s tour theme was Big Bang: Creation of color. This year, the 2016 theme will be Kingdom and I must say I am rather excited for this one. As you can see in the poster released by Life In Color, animals will be the focal point of this tour. I’m more excited to see what they will do with this theme. The Kingdom tour will debut with the first show being in Miami and then continue to East Lansing, Michigan, then across the pond to Manchester, United Kingdom, back over to the states at Kalamazoo, Michigan, over to Denver, Colorado, next Lincoln, Nebraska, then Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sacramento, California and then Rochester, New York. More tour stops will be announced on January 20 after Life In Color Miami. They also released that tier one ticket prices are almost sold out as well.  Be sure to pick up your tickets for Life in Color 2016 before prices go up!

LIC KingdomIs the Kingdom tour passing through to a city near you? How will you dress for the world’s largest paint party? Let us know!

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