Armin Van Buuren Releases Trailer For Armin Only – This Was Intense Documentary

Armin Van Buuren has released his new trailer for Armin Only – This Was Intense, release date to be announced.

At the end of the 2013 summer season, Grammy® nominee and five-time DJ Mag Top 100 poll winner Armin van Buuren kicked off a fresh ‘Armin Only’ world tour, based on his ‘Intense’ album. Set to impress with a six-hour solo show alongside dancers, bands, vocalists, and songstresses, the highly anticipated event touched down in five different continents, attracting over 500.000 ecstatic fans to the 33-part series. Locations in Kiev, Mumbai, Saint-Petersburg, Helsinki, New York, Toronto, Mexico City, Sydney, Johannesburg, and many other cities overflowed with music lovers from all over the world, showing just how ‘Intense’ such a global gathering of like-minded individuals can be. Watch the ‘Intense’ documentary to experience one of Armin van Buuren’s most ‘Intense’ world tours and how it has brought people together.

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