Name: Kristelle Aisaka

Age: 24

Hometown/Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii (But currently St. Louis, MO)

Occupation: Student

Instagram: @krawrrrr

Rave Name: Sleeping Beauty

What was your first electronic music event? 

Winter Wonderland, January 2011. I think Skrillex was headlining, haha. And Christopher Lawrence.

What/who influenced you to attend your first event? 

Intrigue, definitely. The scene in Hawaii was already growing, and I had a few friends that were going so I decided to tag along. I was already into the music, but it wasn’t as much of a hobby/passion then as it has become for me in the past few years. I had an amazing time, and it got me hooked for life.


What is one moment from an event that was special and why?

Oh man. So many moments. Maybe like…. all of ABGT100. Does that count as a moment? That whole night though… the vibes were amazing. I met so many people that night who are now friends for life, who don’t live near me but I still get to see them every once in a while. I’m so incredibly lucky that I was able to experience that, and it’s definitely something that I’ll never forget.

What is your favorite festival or event?

Tomorrowworld for sure. Year 1 was amazing, and year 2 was amazing as well. The vibes are great, the venue is gorgeous, it’s fantastic. Looking forward to this year and all of the adventures and shenaniganry that it’ll entail!

What is your favorite electronic song and why?

Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap – Telemiscommunications. I have so many favorite songs, and they change daily. But forever coming back to that one. I don’t know why–just something about it speaks to me. It’s incredible.


Who are your favorite artists?

Currently, in no particular order: Above and Beyond, Brennan Heart, Klaypex, Jason Ross, Porter Robinson, Andrew Bayer, Party Favor, Bachelors of Science. I’m glad this question wasn’t “What’s your favorite genre” haha.

What are your favorite genres?


Genres are like my future hypothetical children. They’re all fantastic in ways and annoying in ways and I love them all equally just the same.

What do you feel your “identity” is in the electronic music community?

It really depends on where I am or who I’m with. But I’m definitely the checking-on-all-the-strangers-who-look-like-they-need-water type. But also the dancing-alone-in-the-corner type. And the rave mom who brings all the medicines to camping festivals. So yeah, those things.
And I like to rage.


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself for the readers?

Keep giving hugs and trading kandi and high fiving random people you walk past at events. Keep complimenting each others’ outfits and taking care of each other and making new friends and staying in touch across the country. It’s what makes this scene so incredibly inviting and fun and unique! See you around 🙂


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Grant has been listening to electronic dance music since the early 2000s. Actively involved in the EDM community, Grant is an admin for the EDC & Coachella subreddits and their Facebook groups. Previously he has been part of several EDM startups and promotion companies such as Shamele55, Electric State of Mind and Q-Dance. Originally listening to trance artists such as ATB, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold, Grant has expanded his listening experience to include a full set of genres ranging from hardstyle to deep house and has been regularly attending both festivals and club events since 2010.

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