From what I can remember I started listening to EDM since high school at the latest. It was not until after high school I started to really know about raves. A good friend of mine, Armando Sanchez, got me into the rave scene and took me to my very first event, Escape From Wonderland 2013. My friend Justin was working at the event, he was very kind and awesome enough to give me a pass. I walked in not knowing what I was getting myself into. People walking by with smiles on their faces, random people telling me they like my outfit, and feeling the music underneath my feet while passing each stage. I knew this is where I should have been a long time ago.

summer 2

At that event that is where I also met the sweetest group of people that became family to me. Those Strangers with Kandi became my family. I came in as Summer Givens and I came out to be
Bambi (Thank you Mama Maggie). Seeming so innocent and hyped with energy, that’s what got me my rave name.

summer 4

Through the 2 years I have been into the EDM scene I have learned that I love bass music and trance. Some artists that I love are DJ BARE, Yellow Claw, W&W, Keys N Krates, and BingoPlayers. W&W had me hooked at Escape. My favorite event of all time was the Bingo Players show back in November 2013 at the NOS center with my rave dad (Armando) and my rave brothers (Eli, Francis, and Josh). They all had my back and me on their shoulders. That is a night I will never forget.

summer 1

I have met tons of people at each event. I have never had a bad time. I love all my friends that have been there with and for me at each event making each time a moment to remember. This is the one place where I go to lose myself. I forget about work, my family, my friends that aren’t there and anything else in my life that isn’t in that moment. It’s my escape. It’s my one place to forget it all for a few hours and be completely happy. I dance the night away being as free and as happy as I can be.

Grant has been listening to electronic dance music since the early 2000s. Actively involved in the EDM community, Grant is an admin for the EDC & Coachella subreddits and their Facebook groups. Previously he has been part of several EDM startups and promotion companies such as Shamele55, Electric State of Mind and Q-Dance. Originally listening to trance artists such as ATB, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold, Grant has expanded his listening experience to include a full set of genres ranging from hardstyle to deep house and has been regularly attending both festivals and club events since 2010.


  1. Smiles Like Yours Make The SceneAs Special As It Is! Your Gorgeous Girl, If Your Ever In Texas For A Festival Hit Me Up 🙂 -Brett Stephens, Smiles 🙂

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