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Category: Album Review

Album Review || Max Graham – Cycles 8

After a year of preparations and grueling hours inside the studio, the much-awaited Cycles 8 is ready for lift off! Since the Cycles 7 debut almost a year ago, Max Graham fans all over the planet have been patiently waiting for the next chapter of the Cycles series. Well, the wait is over. Trance legend Max Graham is proud to announce that another journey has begun. And that journey has been appropriately titled Cycles 8! This Mixcomp has it all. From artists who have previously graced earlier Cycles track lists to music makers making their Cycles mark for the very first...

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Album Review || Pogo – Weightless

Pogo, the Australian producer known for his wizardry of sampling, is back again with another album of masterful crafting. The 28-year-old from South Africa returns with a new world of music to get lost in with his latest long play, Weightless.  Released right before New Year’s Eve on Bandcamp and Youtube, let’s dive in and see what his offerings are this time. Scroll to the end for the full album stream on YouTube! From the onset, Weightless represents both the uplifting nature of Nick’s music, while providing a sense of urgent energy. There’s a dabbing of all sorts of...

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Album Review || deadmau5 – W:/2016ALBUM/

It may not be his best album, but deadmau5 still shines brightly above others on W:/2016ALBUM/! As a fan of deadmau5 and his previous work, and I honestly enjoyed W:/2016ALBUM/. That being said, I don’t feel that it was his best work to date, and he clearly agrees with that sentiment as he has publicly stated that he wasn’t very pleased with it. Feeling it was unfinished, it definitely is apparent it isn’t the same start to finish story that people might be looking for. Let’s just start by saying that the entire album is disjointed, much like it’s cover...

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Album Review || Adventure Club – Red // Blue

Purchase & Listen to Red // Blue on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, & Google Play. Every so often, you have an artist, or a band, or a group that seems to define a genre. To me, Adventure Club is one of those. Debuting their first studio album, Adventure Club’s “Red // Blue” is a masterful clashing of styles from the raging red of their bass-heavy bangers, and the blissful blue of their chillstep melodies. Adventure Club is a duo hailing from Montreal, Canada. Comprised of members Christian Srigley and Leighton James they’ve been actively making music under the Adventure Club...

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Driftmoon’s Evolution Is A Cog In The New (R)Evolution

When one sets out to create an artist album, they take up the creative endeavor of pouring their soul into a work that represents them, at that given time, to the world.  When a person creates their debut artist album, after establishing quality tune time and again, they struggle through the mire of writer’s block to create something that’s lasting.  Driftmoon, today a solo project of Juraj Klička from Slovakia, struggled mightily with his music and embarked on the quest for musical solitude by honing his creativity into a debut album. Let’s dive into an evolution of sound which...

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