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AQUA’s Luca Rietti Talks Clean Water, Festivals & More!

A nickel can provide over one day of clean water to a child in Ghana. Yet, still so many children are left without access to clean drinking water. In the United States, we take water for granted and sometimes we often forget that there are people all over the world who lay sick in bed, or even worse have lost their lives or the lives of loved ones simply because they did not have access to clean drinking water. This has to change. Luckily we have charity organizations like AQUA to get the momentum moving forward for those suffering from...

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Imagine Music Festival 2016 || Maria’s Experience

Imagine Music Festival was one of the most challenging, yet wildly invigorating weekends of my life The time had arrived to set out on my five hour journey to Atlanta, Georgia to immerse myself in the fast expanding and highly anticipated Imagine Music Festival; a festival that had more of a buzz behind it than I had seen since TommorrowWorld announced that it would be no more. Imagine Music Festival held so much promise for those of us looking for hope in a slim southeastern festival scene…and boy did they promise the world! From a new venue, to camping...

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Imagine Music Festival 2016 || The Essentials

  Imagine Music Festival 2016 Set Times, Guidelines, Camping Info, Shuttle Info, & More! Imagine Music Festival 2016 is quickly approaching and when August 26 arrives the Atlanta Motor Speedway will be transformed into an aquatic rave paradise! With dancing water fountains, captivating 3D images, 7 stages, gorgeous performers whose number one goal is to lure you into their world of water fantasy, sexy go go dancers, art, workshops, interactive classes, hidden and surprise “pop up” stages w/ surprise guest performances, a silent disco, insane VIP services, and a lineup to die for, Imagine Music Festival is breaking boundaries and...

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Imagine Music Festival 2016 || Maria’s Top 10 Must Sees

Imagine Music Festival 2016 is just a short few weeks away and the anticipation is beginning to grow for what is to be one of the craziest weekends of the summer! Atlanta Motor Speedway will play host to what has been dubbed an “Aquatic Fairytale” on August 26-28. The theme is set, camping plans are under way, performers and dancers are preparing to immerse us into an underwater fairy tale kingdom and the speedway is about to undergo a major transformation to become a ravers ultimate playground. Yes, Imagine Music Festival is about to come to fruition once again, with...

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Imagine Music Festival 2016 Presents ‘The Imaginarium’

Attendees of the Imagine Music Festival 2016 in Atlanta set to take flight on August 26 through the 28th are in for a very special treat! Imagine has just announced the details on ‘The Imaginarium‘, an Atlantis inspired and fully immersive experience within the festival that invites guests to experience what it would have been like to live in the dazzling mythical city. Mystics, scientists, artists, sages, healers, seekers, and wisdom keepers are just a few examples of the type of people who would have lived in this incredible city and ‘The Imaginarium’ seeks to bring all of their...

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Get To Know The Founders Of Imagine Music Festival

As electronic dance music festivals are flooding our summer weekends with excitement and exhilaration, one festival approaches that promises to stand out from the rest. Not sure which one? I’m talking about Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Whether it’s the gorgeous, aquatic fairytale theme or insanely stacked lineup, Imagine is on the fast track to go down in history as one of the best in the United States. So who are the people behind this incredible festival? IRIS Presents is the name of the event and promotion company that dreamed up Imagine Music Festival and made it come...

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