EDC Las Vegas 2022 - Performers

Six Experiences That Made EDC Las Vegas 2022 the Best Edition Yet

From the vibrant production elements to unique sets that offered intimate moments - this year's edition of EDC Las Vegas was magical.
EDC Las Vegas 2022 kineticFIELD

Relive EDC Las Vegas 2022 with These Livesets

The dust has settled after this year's edition of EDC Las Vegas but you can relive the memories you made at the festival with some livesets!
EDC Las Vegas 2022 Daisy Lane Ravers

EDC Las Vegas 2023 Dates and Future Owl Sale Announced

Are you already eyeing your return to EDC Las Vegas in 2023? Mark your calendars for May 19-21 and get ready for the Future Owl sale!
EDC Las Vegas 2021 Fireworks and Drone Show

EDC Las Vegas 2022 Set Times and Essential Info

Are you ready to dance the night away under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas? Stay in the know before you go with the set times and more!
EDC Las Vegas 2021 kineticFIELD

Feel the Energy of the kineticFIELD Ahead of EDCLV 2022

Few stages on the planet are more electric than EDC Las Vegas' kineticFIELD and this year is set to bring some major artists to the festival.
EDC Las Vegas 2021 circuitGROUNDS

Get Ready to Party at EDCLV’s circuitGROUNDS Stage

The circuitGROUNDS stage at EDC Las Vegas is packed with incredible artists and exhilarating sounds this year. Check out our playlist!
EDC Las Vegas 2019 Parliament Art Car

Art Car Lineups Revealed for EDC Las Vegas 2022

While the stages at EDC Las Vegas are set to be booming with talented DJs, there are plenty more on the art cars as well!
EDC Las Vegas 2021 kineticFIELD

Enter to Win a Pair of VIP Passes to EDC Las Vegas 2022

Do you want to dance with your friends under the electric sky this month? Enter our contest for your chance to win a pair of VIP passes to EDC Las Vegas!
EDC Las Vegas 2021 cosmicMEADOW

Treat Yourself to the Eclectic Sounds of cosmicMEADOW Before EDCLV 2022

Dance music enthusiasts, gather around, and sink your teeth into the wicked artists invading cosmicMEADOW at EDC Las Vegas 2022!
EDC Las Vegas 2021 bassPOD

Headbang Your Heart Out with This bassPOD Playlist Ahead of EDCLV 2022

The bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas is full of heavy hitters, so we curated a playlist with artists from the lineup to get your bass face on!