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Category: New Releases

Major Lazer Releases Music Video For “Know No Better”

Director Philip Andelman helps makes a young boy’s dreams a reality in Major Lazer’s inspiring new music video! I’ve always been a personal fan of narrative-driven music videos, but Major Lazer’s most recent release for their all-star track “Know No Better” is a new favorite of mine. Featuring Travis Scott, Camila Cabelo, and Quavo, the video follows a young boy who copes with the hard knocks of high school with the use of his over-active imagination. By flashing back and forth between what we can assume to be reality and then fantasy, Andelman expertly paints a relatable picture of...

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Walker & Royce Drop Epic Tune “Take Me To Your Leader”

Dirtybird darlings Walker & Royce are back with the hotly anticipated “Take Me To Your Leader” and details on their new album. If you’re a Dirtybird fan you’re surely no stranger to the music of Walker & Royce. Hailing from Brooklyn, the duo has become well-known for their tongue-in-cheek musical stylings and have cultivated quite a fan base with catchy tunes like 2016’s “Boy” and “ITB” on Dirtybird Records and their Peep The Cat EP, released on Green Velvet’s Relief. They look to continue that momentum with the release of their newest track, “Take Me To Your Leader.” “Take Me To Your Leader”...

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Galantis Reveals New Single “True Feeling” & Album Details

Galantis releases “True Feeling” single off their upcoming album, The Aviary. Galantis unveils their newest single, “True Feeling” to the music charts this week. The track captures the essence of Galantis with crisp vocals and a fun-loving sound. The release of the single comes with a special music video that chronicles their shows adventures over the last few years. Fan-recorded statements from all over the world incorporated into the video showing fans’ “true feelings” about Galantis. Watch the video and you’ll see a familiar EDC Las Vegas 2017 stage, the circuitGROUNDs (Hint: it’s at the 2:55 mark). The special...

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Cosmo’s Midnight Releases “Mind Off” & Tour Dates!

Cosmo’s Midnight release new track ‘Mind Off’ on their birthday, and announced some tour dates too! Cosmo’s Midnight has been a force to be reckoned with ever since they hit the music scene about four years ago. Their remix of “Sleepless” by Flume garnered over one million plays and proved that these twin brothers were here to stay. Since then Cosmo’s Midnight has had massive success, as their tracks have seen serious support in the scene, and a few that just about everyone knows. Now, the brothers are back and better than ever with their new track “Mind Off“! They released...

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“The Gene Sequence” Receives Massive Remix From Elephunk

Elephunk just remixed Barclay Crenshaw’s hit track, “The Gene Sequence” in the best way possible! There are some artists and songs out there that are pretty tricky to remix. Mostly because the original by the artist is done so well, however, when you find a great remix to an awesome original it’s pretty rare. Yet this is exactly what Elephunk just did with his remix of Barclay Crenshaw’s masterful tune, “The Gene Sequence”. Elephunk, real name Dylan Karakas, has produced music for quite some time. He put it all on the line when he left his desert home to pursue...

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Danilo Ercole Prepares To Unleash “Scan” On OHM Music

The master of dark trance, Danilo Ercole, is back with another peak hour stunner in the form of “Scan”! Since joining the OHM Music family back in March of 2017, delivering tech trance dance floor dynamite in the form of “Cosmic“, AfterDark Sessions very own Danilo Ercole is on the fast track to becoming one of the leading talents in the scene, paving the way for all who follow with trance music delicacies that tantalize the senses, pushing dance music artistry to its outer-most limits. Danilo Ercole bids us to keep our ears open to the dark side of...

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