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Category: New Releases

Boombox Cartel Deliver Versatile Debut EP, ‘Cartel’!

Boombox Cartel showcase their undisputed talent on their Cartel EP. Boombox Cartel is a duo that consists of Jorge and Americo who began their DJ careers in Mexico and have since expanded internationally and have played at just about every major festival. They just concluded an electrifying set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and have now delivered a standout debut EP titled Cartel! Check out our interview with Americo of Boombox Cartel, HERE! It’s no question that these guys are seriously talented. This new body of work, the Cartel EP, bolsters that fact. The five-track EP is crafted beautifully from...

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Dreamstate Grows With Its First Official Compilation!

It’s no surprise that the Dreamstate brand has taken hold in the US as Trance clamors forward in the hearts of new and old fans of dance music. Dreamstate is Insomniac Events exploding dedicated Trance brand, and after two primary events in Southern California, satellite events in the UK, San Francisco, Australia, hosted stages at other Insomniac festivals, and numerous clubs in places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, its time to lay down some branded content in the world’s sphere of music. Enter the legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold, who helped the genre grow into worldwide recognition in the...

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PELUSSJE Impresses With Future Beat Track “Collide” Out Now!

PELUSSJE’s “Collide” is a smooth, downtempo future beat track with hypnotic vocals that makes you want to groove, perfect for long summer days. Italian duo Pelussje are no strangers to experimental dance music and their newest collaboration with Josh Money proves they are a future beats powerhouse in the scene. The hypnotic vocals are playful and weaves perfectly with the beats that we’ve come to love from the duo. Experimental synths and the vocal chopping throughout the song bring the song to another level. The track also features a vocal snippet of a man saying “roger” – something you would expect to hear coming...

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Tom Swoon & Teamworx Release Explosive New Track, “Atom”!

Finally, our prayers have been answered, Tom Swoon has put a name to the track that’s been stumping our Shazams since Ultra. After a seemingly eternal wait since the original preview was released on March 30 via Soundcloud, ““Atom” has officially been released. The original, by Nari and Milani, made massive waves in the electronic music scene. It was not long before Swedish House Mafia began incorporating “Atom” into almost every one of their sets, which further popularized the track. Now “Atom” is back and better than ever, with a rework by Tom Swoon and Israeli duo Teamworx that intensifies...

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Reach Amazes Fans With Monstercat Debut, “Bollywood Stunna”!

Reach, a young producer on the rise, makes an impressive debut on Monstercat with “Bollywood Stunna”! Reach has been making distinct ripples in the dance music world. He had a fast-paced 2016, releasing a series of remixes and original tracks. His tracks embody something clearly unique based on his fast-growing fanbase. Further, his songs have been supported by DJs in the festival circuit consistently. He even ended last year releasing a remix for graves & Team EZY.  He resides in New York City and his take on the moombahton sound is just as fast paced as the city he comes...

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Jai Wolf Dazzles Us With New Track “Starlight”!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Jai Wolf has just released another single, and it might be one of his best tracks so far. Having followed Jai Wolf for a couple of years now, I fell in love after I discovered his track “Indian Summer” on SoundCloud. Ever since then, his melodic, emotional sound has attracted the love of many, and he’s continuously released incredible tracks that have been recognized and played out by some of the biggest names in dance music. Jai Wolf teased his newest track, “Starlight,” on Twitter the past couple of days, and today finally...

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