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Category: EDMID Guest Mix

Artist Spotlight || The Dub Knight

Get to know rising star The Dub Knight in this week’s Artist Spotlight! Having opened for the likes of Diplo, RL Grime, Porter Robinson, and Flux Pavilion, Jake Marsh aka The Dub Knight, is no stranger to the big stage.  Jake hails from Indianapolis, IN and has been pushing out bangers from behind the decks since 2011.  From small clubs to large venues to massive festival stages, The Dub Knight has made an impact on crowds all over the Midwest. In this week’s Artist Spotlight, The Dub Knight discusses what made him want to become a DJ, his penchant for...

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Artist Spotlight || JLEON

JLEON discusses his new EP Nerve Damage , working with Stylust Beats, and stops by for EDMID Guest Mix 082! In just a couple years, Costa Rican bass alchemist JLEON has found his place and shaken up the bass music scene. He’s now signed to Stylust Beats’ Sleeveless Records and has recently released his gritty new EP ‘Nerve Damage’. It’s seven seductive, bass-laden tracks loaded with his unique hip hop, West Coast bass and Costa Rican “jungle” style. After completely losing ourselves in the EP, we were left wanting to know more. In this week’s Artist Spotlight, JLEON discusses his...

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Artist Spotlight || LA+CH

Get to know rising star LA+CH in this week’s Artist Spotlight! Hailing from Toronto, LA+CH has been setting the scene on fire with his unique sound. A multi-instrumentalist by trade, he writes and produces all his own work. His productions show serious depth, combining catchy beats with lush melodies and unique vocals for a sound that is all his own. Hot off the release of the first two tracks from his upcoming None EP, LA+CH is making waves with his signature style, and we’re loving what we’re hearing. The combination of seriously danceable tracks with an indie twist has earned him...

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Artist Spotlight || Bob Lemon

Get to know rising star Bob Lemon in this week’s Artist Spotlight! When life gives most people lemons, they make lemonade, but Bob Lemon isn’t most people. When life gave lemons to Bob Lemon, he turned them into some sick beats that pack a punch. Serenading listeners with an audio journey that contains elements from multiple genres and live instruments, his infectious original tunes have begun to creep into our playlists. Add on the fact that his mixes are full of good vibes, taking you on a trip in their own right as he throws down tracks that will get...

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Artist Spotlight || Golden Boy Mike

Get to know Golden Boy Mike in this week’s Artist Spotlight! Over the past 29 years, Golden Boy Mike has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene as an artist, tastemaker, and now he’s tackling the scene heading up his own label as well. Playing shows all over the US and Mexico he’s played alongside major names in the OG scene like The Warp Brothers, Thee-O, and DJ Keoki. His release history boasts of multiple mixtapes and album releases, and the creative juices have never stopped flowing for this DJ who fell in love with trance....

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Artist Spotlight || DJ TL SPANX

Get to know one of San Diego’s original DJs, DJ TL SPANX, in this week’s Artist Spotlight! As one of San Diego’s original DJs, Tony Lamar, aka DJ TL SPANX, has seen the music scene and its progression over the years. Beginning his career all the way back in 1979, before the modern rave scene was even a glimmer in the eye of anyone, Tony was ahead of the game and behind the decks. For fifteen years he took on many different roles in the scene from DJ to a manager, and even launched the first ever radio mix...

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