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Da Tweekaz Release New Game of Thrones Remix

Make sure to get your free download of Da Tweekaz’s 2017 edit of their “Game of Thrones” remix on SoundCloud! Winter is here! Da Tweekaz has released a free download for their 2017 version of the “Game of Thrones” theme in celebration of Season 7. With an updated intro and hardstyle kick, the track is worth listening to after last night’s premiere of the new season on HBO. In addition to theme song remixes, the cultural phenomenon has spawned a tour with the popular character Hodor appropriately named the “Rave of Thrones”. Actor Kristian Nairn will be playing at...

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Fransis Derelle Fans The “Modern Flame” With This Remix!

We’ve been keeping an eye on Fransis Derelle ever seen we first saw him last year at Das Energi 2016. Since then it seems like he’s had an incredible amount of success and he deserves every bit. Today he’s back to release one of his best remixes yet in “Modern Flame!” It has been an incredible year so far for Fransis Derelle, with appearances at multiple large festivals and shows with huge names in the dance music community. August is shaping up to be one of the best months yet for Vincent. Earlier this year he released a remix...

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MedusA Releases Her First EP, ‘Ricochet’ [Free Download]

MedusA releases her first EP, Ricochet, and it’s the perfect way to get in the mood for summer festival season! We first met MedusA last year at the 515 Alive Festival in Des Moines and immediately fell in love with her style. She produces and plays a unique taste of music featuring trap, jungle terror and bass music at festivals and nightclubs across the US. Just in time for the 2017 summer festival season, MedusA has released her first EP titled Ricochet on ThazDope Records. Make sure to read about MedusA in our Artist Spotlight series while you take a listen to her new EP below!...

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Insomniac Records Releases Free Compilation, Sinden’s House Line!

Insomniac Records has been making waves as of late, and their latest release is nothing to sleep on! Released just today, Sinden’s House Line is Insomniac Records first-ever totally free to download compilation. You heard that right, the entire album is entirely free for you to stream or download for your listening pleasure! The compilation itself is packed with Sinden’s own massive tunes that are sure to get dancefloors bumping, as well as some tracks from tastemakers you definitely don’t want to miss either. Notable artists like LO’99, R3LL, Hotfire, and Astronomar are just some of the names featured on...

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Dreamstate Grows With Its First Official Compilation!

It’s no surprise that the Dreamstate brand has taken hold in the US as Trance clamors forward in the hearts of new and old fans of dance music. Dreamstate is Insomniac Events exploding dedicated Trance brand, and after two primary events in Southern California, satellite events in the UK, San Francisco, Australia, hosted stages at other Insomniac festivals, and numerous clubs in places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, its time to lay down some branded content in the world’s sphere of music. Enter the legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold, who helped the genre grow into worldwide recognition in the...

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NIGHTOWLS Release New Single With Brewski, “Blacked Out”!

NIGHTOWLS keep the party going with their new single, “Blacked Out,” featuring Brewski. NIGHTOWLS are a testament to extremely catchy tunes, backed by an extremely hard work ethic.The duo, comprised of Scotty Dro and Andrew Sierra are both Icon alums and have hustled their way to the top of the dance music game. For the past few years, these guys have really built their brand and sound from the bottom-up. Their efforts have recently paid off and with releases on Interscope, Casablanca, and Buygore, these dudes are flying high! Their newest track sticks to their cutting-edge and infectious sound. Releasing...

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