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Category: Featured Interview

Featured Interview || Alan Walker

After recently finishing a massive international tour, the man behind the mask talks on his Miami Music Week experience, success from “Faded”, and more upcoming projects.  Internationally acclaimed producer, Alan Walker, is best known for his energetic, chart-topping anthem, “Faded”, which recently hit one billion plays on the music video. This is a huge milestone for anyone, but it is easy to see how this talented producer got there. He is a master at seamlessly blending his happy, melodic songs with visually mesmerizing music videos. We spoke with Alan in January of last year in an Artist Spotlight, and it has been...

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Featured Interview || Adventure Club

Adventure Club Talks Miami Music Week, Live Performances, & More! Ever since their meteoric rise after some quality remixes and originals many years ago, Adventure Club has been one of the top duos in the electronic music scene. Loved by many in the scene, their music can be heard not just at raves and festivals, but on television shows and trailers for events as well. Their signature sound not only provides listeners with great beats but also brings out some serious vibes that draw the crowd closer to each other on a different level. I have seen this over the...

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Featured Interview || David Gravell

Rising trance star David Gravell talks tour life, his musical inspiration, and his new smash “Energy”! David Gravell is one to watch. Hailing from Amsterdam, he’s become known throughout the trance scene for his dynamic productions and kinetic live sets. He gained widespread popularity in 2013 with the release of “Bulldozer,” and has only been gaining momentum since then. Gravell has also remixed tracks for such superstar DJs as Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, and ilan Bluestone, putting his spin on trance classics like Dash Berlin’s “Man on the Run” and Armin van Buuren’s “Communication.” To top it off,...

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Featured Interview || GoldFish

GoldFish Talks South Africa, Live Instruments, Their Upcoming Album, & More! The electronic dance scene is full of artists pushing the boundaries of sound and production. GoldFish is an electronic duo based out of Cape Town, South Africa and are gaining serious momentum with their catchy blend of live instruments and house beats. Consisting of David Poole and Dominic Peters the duo have already achieved some huge milestones since the release of their debut album Caught in the Loop back in 2006. Since then Poole and Peters have locked down a Friday night residency at super-club Pacha in Ibiza and have played some of the...

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Featured Interview || Dada Life

Dada Life reign over the kingdom of Dada Land with a message of love, acceptance, and individuality, where the only rules are the rules of Dada! Dada Life, the Swedish DJ duo from Stockholm composed of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom hit the scene running back in 2006 and the momentum has certainly not slowed down. Their infectious good vibes translate every time they hit the stage and their incredible productions like “Kick Out The Epic Mother F**ker”, “Born To Rage” and “Feed The Dada”, just to name a few, will always resonate as some of the greatest and most electrified EDM productions to...

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