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Disposable Camera Unites Shambhala Community Amidst Tragedy

A disposable camera experiment captured an irreplaceable moment for one Shambhala family, and sparked a profound connection amongst the broader community. This post is dedicated to Marissa who tragically lost her life on the ride home from Shambhala 2017. This story is a testament to the boundless compassion and dedication of the Shambhala Festival community. It has deeply enriched my belief in the unparalleled love that this space ignites. At the festival itself, this energy is electric. But there is something more that completely transcends the default realm. The connection of the Shambhala community is still very much intact even...

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Gina’s Top Five Moments At Shambhala 2017

Shambhala is a place where the dream world and real world converge. It’s impossible to put into words, but in my best effort, here are some of my most memorable moments from that weekend. Shambhala is a land of pure wonder located on peaceful Salmo River Ranch in Eastern British Columbia. It’s a magical playground with a cultural blend of hippie love and raver PLUR. The lineup is expertly curated, tastefully eclectic, and loaded with bass. Shambhala features some of the best artists in their respective genres, as well as BC-favorites including Datsik, Excision, and Stickybuds.  Despite this being...

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Shambhala On Evacuation Alert After Wildfires Spread

Shambhala Music Festival remains on alert for possible evacuation after wildfires spread According to the Shambhala Music Festival website, the Salmo River Ranch has been put under an evacuation alert after the McCormick Creek wildfire jumped the Salmo River moving towards the festival. An evacuation alert is NOT an order to leave, but attendees should plan ahead in case conditions worsen. Attendees should prepare for an evacuation by determining a well-rested designated driver and plan how to exit the festival grounds. Festival organizers are also installing a temporary footbridge over the Salmo River as a second way to egress the festival...

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