Sebastian Rusu

Solarstone Open 2 Close @ Cielo, NYC

Solarstone Open to Close @ Cielo || Event Review

Solarstone's Special Anniversary Open to Close Review New York City is a staple of the electronic music scene. Trance, techno,...
John O'Callaghan Subculture LA

Dreamstate Presents Subculture LA 2017 || Lineup Announced!

Dreamstate SF 2017 has begun announcing their lineup for this year's event. Will you be joining us in for two days of trance?
cielo The Thrillseekers

The Thrillseekers Escape Album Tour @ Cielo || Event Review

The Thrillseekers Escape Album Tour... a trance journey that allows you to escape your daily routine. Steve Helstrip, better known...
Neptune Project Toronto Open To Close

Neptune Project Populus OTC || Event Review

Neptune Project: The template for up and coming DJs I've already featured Neptune Project in a couple of my show...
Simon Patterson John Askew Open Up 200 Brooklyn Warehouse

Open Up 200 @ Brooklyn Warehouse || Event Review

Simon Patterson and John Askew have been around the trance scene for a combined 30+ years. Anyone who’s a...
Dreamstate SF Trance Artists

5 Trance Artists To Watch In 2017

Check out some trance artists to watch in 2017, hand selected by members of the EDM Identity Team! As we...
Mark Sherry #OutburstMontreal

Mark Sherry #OutburstMontreal || Event Review

Mark Sherry is a name that's synonymous with quality trance for over a decade. At a time when many trance artists...
Dreamstate SoCal 2016

Dreamstate SoCal 2016 || Sebastian’s Introspective

Dreamstate: A word that might mean quite a lot of things to different people. Ecstasy, euphoria, an outer space journey, a trip down memory lane, being put in a state of trance. The list can go on and on. To help give you some context, I'll try my best to explain what I think the word Dreamstate represents by reviewing's Insomniac's latest trance only festival: Dreamstate San Bernardino!
Paul van Dyk

Paul Van Dyk: The Return @ BKWRHS || Event Review

Trance maestro Paul Van Dyk returned to Brooklyn on November 12th for an epic night full of trance! Paul Van...




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