Five Workshops to Check Out at Electric Forest 2022

Electric Forest 2018 The Brainery
Photo Credit: Electric Forest

The Brainery hosts many beautiful workshops at Electric Forest and there are some special ones not to miss this year.

While the art, food, music, and the forest itself are some of the biggest draws for Electric Forest each year, the festival offers so many wonderful surprises and secrets that you’ll want to remember everything you see. The workshops at The Brainery are an aspect of the festival that make it stand out as special. Attendees can join other members of the Forest Family on Main Street to practice mindfulness, create arts & crafts, learn different dance techniques, open and enchant their minds, along with exploring ideas and lessons that they might not have experienced or even thought of before.

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There are four workshop types at The Brainery – Move, Learn, Make, and Breathe – that range from festival braiding and Reiki to discussions on Cannabis and arts and crafts. Maybe you’ll remember how to write poetry that will make you proud. Maybe one of the most memorable moments will be laughter yoga or cleansing your chakras with a sound bath. So many experiences await you in the Forest and fans from all over are ready to get the party started.

Even though all of the workshops are something to enjoy and experience, there are five we’ve picked for this year that you should definitely consider attending. Check out the full list and read on for our selections!

Five Workshops to Check Out at Electric Forest 2022

Laughter Yoga with Jacob Yakoubi

Combining laughter exercises and breathing techniques (Pranayama) brings more oxygen to the body making you feel healthier and more energetic. Since yoga is healthy for the mind and body, and laughter is the best medicine, fans can only imagine how fun this workshop will be. 

Native American Dance with Roberta Shalifoe

This workshop is going to be so unique and is also a cultural experience. Native American dancing is a way of expression and is a language in itself, just like fans of the music dance is a way of expression. There are also a lot of health benefits to dancing: for example, improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness, and the list goes on. The importance of this workshop is to experience another culture’s form of expression. It’s a beautiful thing for people to come together to learn about new things pertaining to an individual’s culture respectfully.

Sound Healing Frequency with Yvonne Clarke

The sound healing frequency focus on relaxing the many layers of stress everyone has by taking your brain on a sound journey into the ultimate meditative state- with gamma, alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves that heals and rebuilds the cells all while moving energy through each chakra with the use of quartz healing vibration tools called singing bowls. These bowls are specifically tuned to the “heartbeat of the Earth” at 8Hz. Bring your heart and an open mind to this workshop to experience a wave of peacefulness wash over you. 

Embodied Breathwork and Movement with Emily Blackwell

Becoming conscious of your breathing is important for the mind and the body. When you do become aware of your breathing you become connected to your power along with strengthening the cardiovascular muscles and improving blood pressure. Check out Emily’s workshop and relieve any anxieties with these breathing techniques. 

Electric Poetry 2.0: A New Decade with Tate Johnson

The beauty of poetry is that anyone can write a poem, and when it comes from the heart that is even more special. Electric Poetry 2.0 gives forest family members an honest and welcoming place to express themselves through their words, sharing their own poetry or listening to other participants and making real connections. This is a place for you to challenge yourself and create poems that you can be proud of.

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