GRiZ Enters the NFT Space with Colorful Kitasavi Collaboration

GRiZ Press Shot
Photo courtesy of Jason Siegel

GRiZ teams up with Kitasavi to release the “SEROTONIN BOOST” NFT collection that further exemplifies his commitment to community building.

GRiZ has definitively joined the ranks of dance music artists flocking to the siren song of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) with his three-piece NFT collection “SEROTONIN BOOST” created with Russian artist Kitasavi. The entire collection, consisting of collaborative bespoke audiovisual pieces, drops on April 28 on Nifty Gateway and includes three open edition prints, four drawings, and a “1 of 1 x 3” auction.

Set against a backdrop of Kitasavi’s abstract 3D renderings, this colorful, subtly psychedelic series of works soundtracked by GRiZ’s exclusive music stylings undoubtedly achieves its self-proclaimed effect. With its bright, contrasting hues and iconic images, each piece is a delightfully uplifting visual feast that will beam rays of sunshine vibes into your life. The open editions and drawings open on April 28 at 10:30 AM PDT / 1:30 pm EST and the auction opens a half-hour later at 11 am PDT/2 pm EST.

For the open edition prints, participants will be given a specific amount of time to purchase each piece (“open” here meaning that there is no limit to how many people can buy and own the particular digital print). Proceeds from the “Peace on Earth” piece in particular will 100% be donated to Carbon 180, a non-profit dedicated to carbon removal causes. The drawings will also have an altruistic intent behind them, as 20 lucky fans will be able to nab pieces for only $1 each (note: a drawing is like a raffle, except that only those successfully selected are charged).

Meanwhile, the auction is looking to be the big moneymaker in this drop, as three of the single highest bidders will respectively become owners of three, 1 of 1 originals. No matter what you walk away with, each piece will embody Moscow-born Kitasavi’s signature elements of whimsy, prominent color blocks, tangible textures, and organic shapes.

GRiZ is no stranger to initiatives that use a cheerfully adventurous and futuristic tone to build community, including his announcement earlier this week of his Space Camp festival to take place later this year. His consistent commitment to accessibility, freedom, and self-love visibly carries through this latest project, and we can’t wait to see what creative opportunities he pursues next.

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