Monstercat and Twitch Partner for Fast-Tracked Affiliate Status

Monstercat Twitch Partnership

Influential record label Monstercat has teamed up with Twitch to allow Gold Subscribers to leapfrog the queue for Affiliate status.

Powerhouse electronic music label Monstercat and the reigning champion of the pandemic-era platforms Twitch have established a novel partnership that allows you to fast-track your Twitch Affiliate status. This new program sees the two behemoth brands join forces, as Monstercat Gold subscribers will be able to get the perks that Twitch Affiliates already gain from their use of the livestream platform.

With this new partnership, Monstercat Gold takes their offering a step further, using itself as a key to unlock a gateway into the bustling, and increasingly lucrative, Twitch community. The primary perk of being a Twitch Affiliate is the ability to monetize your streams, amongst other streaming features that are opened up to you. Traditionally, to become a Twitch Affiliate you need to jump through certain mandatory hoops including hitting a minimum number of followers, consistent viewers, and streamed hours.

Monstercat’s Gold program has long been popular with music users, acting as an individual music licensing subscription that gives its users access to the label’s vast library of high-quality songs. By subscribing to Monstercat Gold, you can use any of Monstercat’s music in any livestream or video, without fear of copyright strikes or claims.

We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with Twitch to provide streamers with all the perks that Monstercat Gold & Twitch’s Affiliate status have to offer. This alignment further empowers content creators by opening access to premium music and monetization for their channel. Creating stability and support for both artists and streamers has always been a priority for Monstercat and we’re excited to introduce these new resources with Twitch.

Gavin Johnson, Head of Gaming at Monstercat

Existing Monstercat Gold subscribers can benefit immediately, new members are subject to a 30-day wait before they can apply.

If you’re brand new to the livestream game, have no fear. Signing up is a simple process. To get started on Twitch, set up your account on their website. Then, register for Monstercat Gold. Last, submit the name of your channel in order to apply for Affiliate status. From there, Twitch will send an e-mail that includes an invitation to the Affiliate program, and you’ll be earning income from your streams within a few business days!

Will partnerships like this create a renewed interest in streaming across the board?

It is no secret to the dance community that streaming numbers are down on all fronts. As lockdown measures have loosened in recent months in conjunction with a warm fall season, fewer people have been producing streams and fewer people have been watching. This has led many critics to even pose the question: is streaming over for the dance music industry?

Perhaps partnerships like this are the energy boost that content creators need to reawaken their zeal for streaming. As we enter what looks like a potential renewed lockdown period and people may be forced back inside, we may see a new industry trend where labels and collectives race to create these subscription partnerships with Twitch. Suffice to say, the music business is once again foraying into unchartered territory, and programs like this show that with some clever collaboration and innovation, it could still be anyone’s game.

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