JOYRYDE Releases Beautifully Chaotic Music Video for “THRILL”

Photo Credit: Nate Vogel

JOYRYDE has released an absolutely captivating music video for “THRILL” featuring MAJILLA off his debut album BRAVE.

It’s safe to say that JOYRYDE is living his best life at the moment. People are still buzzing about his recent album BRAVE and it continues to receive positive feedback and praise from the community. Now he is giving us more content to soak up with the release of the music video “THRILL” featuring MAJILLA directed by James Mackel.

Last night, JOYRYDE posted an intimate message with fans about the video via Twitter, stating: I would like to explain a little bit about this before you all see it…when I was making the record I was on Majilla’s Facebook and the bio said “sometimes you gotta play the villain” and I immediately started writing the idea. I knew what she meant. I felt it. Majilla’s lyrics just painted this picture for me. I knew I had to commit to doing it.”

For roughly five glorious minutes, you’re sucked into scenes packed with action, violence, love, and savage behavior. It’s difficult to look away from the dangerous couple who are madly in love with each other and wreaking havoc on society. Despite all the mayhem, the chemistry between the couple is gripping and magnetic. I found myself rooting for them throughout the entire video.

Naturally, the video pays homage to the well-known dangerous couples. Think Bonnie and Clyde, Joker and Harley Quinn, and Thelma and Louise. There are moments of the video that reminded me of films like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Reservoir Dogs, and The Town.

Unfortunately, JOYRYDE shared that the male lead, Rob Lyfe, tragically passed away six months ago and the video is dedicated in his honor. It’s clear that JOYRYDE and Mackel fully invested their time, attention, and passion into the story and visual representation for “THRILL.” Brace yourself for a wild, beautiful, chaotic ride.

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