No Refunds for Ultra Music Festival Ticket Purchasers After Cancellation

Ultra Music Festival 2018
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Ultra Music Festival has sent an email with information to all ticket purchasers regarding their options after last week’s cancellation.

After the official announcement was made that Ultra Music Festival would be postponed, one of the questions on the minds of those who were planning to make their way to Miami was if they would be receiving a refund. Tonight, that’s been answered by way of an email sent out to ticket purchasers and refunds are not being offered.

This news may come as little surprise to those who read the terms and conditions on Ultra Music Festival’s website and were quick to notice that the organizers had covered themselves with a clearly defined Refund Policy. “Upon Event cancellation by Event Organizer, Event Organizer may, in its sole and absolute discretion, elect to either issue a full or partial refund to Purchaser, not issue any refunds, or reschedule the Event.” 

This, like all the other terms and conditions listed, were agreed to the moment that a ticket was purchased. In fact, the refund policy lays out a number of options ranging from potential full or partial refunds to event postponements, but the last option seems to be the one they’ve moved forward with to “make good” by offering an “added benefits package.”

In the email, ticket buyers were informed that their passes for the 2020 edition would be valid for 2021 or 2022, with a 30-day window (April 9, 2020) to choose between the two.

Additionally, Ultra’s organizers put together an added value package exclusively for those who bought tickets to the 2020 edition.

These range from free tickets to other Ultra or Resistance branded events, exclusive access to future editions, and more. You MUST respond to the original email by April 9, 2020 to be eligible for the benefits. Read on for the full list that was in the email:

  • Extra Ultra Hour: An Exclusive Main Stage Headline DJ performance at Ultra Miami 2021 for 2020 ticket purchasers, one hour before doors open to the public.
  • One (1) Free Ticket to either an Ultra WorldwideTM or Resistance® event of your choice (excluding Miami), valid throughout 2021 for each 2020 ticket purchased. Subject to the terms and conditions in effect for that show. Limited quantity and subject to availability. First come first served. Non-transferable. Pre-registration required.
  • A discount code for 50% off for up to $250 in merchandise on Discount code expires December 31, 2020. Code does not apply to taxes, shipping, handling and service charges.
  • There will be Ten (10) Ultra Golden Tickets where each admits you plus one guest Free entrance to any Ultra Worldwide events (including Miami) for life. Subject to the terms and conditions in effect for that show. Non-transferable. Pre-registration required.
  • Exclusive access to a $99.95 private sale to upgrade to PREMIUM GA (PGA) for Ultra Miami. PREMIUM GA is a new ticket category at the festival which will be available for purchase for $599.95 during the 2021 event on-sale. This includes access to these exclusive PGA areas: PREMIUM Expedited entry, upgraded restroom facilities, PGA Lounge, chillout area and bar. Subject to the terms and conditions in effect for that show. Limited quantity and subject to availability. First come first served.
  • Exclusive access to buy up to 2 additional GA tickets for $249.95 during the 2021 Ultra Miami private on-sale for each 2020 ticket purchased. Subject to the terms and conditions in effect for that show. Limited quantity and subject to availability. First come first served.

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  1. An article defending Ultra over the attendees is suspect given the path chosen by other festivals. We are down to 9 Ultra Golden Tickets it seems

    • We’re simply providing what has happened (their response) and the terms and conditions (that have been brought up numerous times over the past few days) that are published on their website. We aren’t saying that’s wrong or right, those are just the facts of the situation.

  2. Regardless of “terms and conditions” claims this is fraud. These festivals require large monetary commitments far in advance. When you purchase that ticket there are goods or services due to the purchaser as agreed upon at the time of purchase. If society or specifically the courts allow Ultra to refuse refunds to ticket holders for an event that has been cancelled, imagine the precedent and what it could become.If Ultra organizers don’t reconsider this irrational policy I hope nobody ever sends a cent of money to them again- ever! I know I won’t.

  3. It is wrong! They should at least offer a partial refund. They cannot assume anyone can go to any Ultra Event in the next year. I can understand they might be losing some money but they should not be allowed to keep all of my ticket money! It is sort of theft! Do the right thing and refund at a least a partial refund to people who cannot make the event next year!

  4. Hey guys don’t be dumb, chargeback for “services not rendered” and then shut the fuck up!! You’ll get your money back and you have a ticket still good for next year

  5. Hope they enjoy the remnants of this years crowd that will he forced to go or be out their hard earned money in future. It’s not just the tickets, but the travel, hotel and time off from work that many of us normal drudges have to deal with
    You’d be a damned fool to buy another ticket from these welshers, they listed those otgercoptions but had no intention of doing anything but what they did. Who cares about next years special offers when this year ya got screwed… Chargeback your card and stick it to these jackwagons…..

  6. I will never, EVER give Ultra any more money after this stunt. This was supposed to be my first Ultra seeing I’m flying in from Sweden. Now I cannot attend 2021 or 2022 and yet I loose all of my money…. I’m trying to do a chargeback on my card but the bank was unsure if it would go through based on Ultra’s policy…

  7. I was attending this years event and I’m just curious if any one can help! I got the email but it never said how to claim which year I would like to attend after this years cancellation . I’m getting extremely furious, I have been emailing for support for over a week now and ultra still has never gotten back to me!

    • That’s really strange, was there no direct email to respond to? I thought that you had to click the link to submit your info.

  8. Hey Grant. All you get from Ultra after accepting the benefits is this:

    Thank you! Your submission has been received!

    We will be in touch with next steps.”

    I have accepted my benefits now seeing my bank won’t help me do a chargeback. Going to be interesting on how long it will take before I also can choose between 2021 or 2022. I’m aiming for 2022 and just hope I will be able to make it..

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