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ABGT250 was just a week ago, but Anjuna family members around the globe have spent the days since reminiscing about their favorite moments from what was truly a transformative weekend.

For those fortunate enough to make their way to the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington State this September, ABGT250 was nothing short of a religious experience. Above & Beyond fans from all across the globe gathered together for the yearly milestone event for two days of music, camping, and incredible vibes.

ABGT250 marked the first time that the milestone radio show extended for a full weekend. The extra time afforded attendees the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the experience and feel what it meant to be members of the Anjuna family as never before.

In celebration of this exceptional event and the subsequent outpouring of love, we’ve collected a few of our favorite stories from the weekend to share with all of you, which you can find below.

Nathan Ashby reflects on ABGT250 memories
Nathan Ashby reflects on ABGT250 bringing the Anjuna family together for two days of love.

I’m still processing the immensity and life changing experience that was ABGT 250, however there are a few things from the weekend that really stand out for me. The biggest thing for me was the realization that this wasn’t just a festival or show, it was a true gathering of people from all walks of life around the globe coming together and putting aside all things in our lives to experience something that brings everyone together through the common love of Above & Beyond and their family of artists which enrich our lives at our darkest moments and uplift us so we can deal with this crazy world that we live in.

Not to say that day 1 wasn’t great but day 2 was amazing for me, I was in the middle of the crowd from the middle of Moon Boots set until the end of 16 Bit Lolitas. During that time I didn’t stop dancing, the happiness, love and energy of the crowd kept me going even when my legs wanted to give out. The music all the way through was absolutely mind blowing, especially Eli & Fur who had the crowd flowing with their immense house tracks which I can’t wait to listen to again.

I can honestly say again this was a life changing experience for me, I met so many people on the dance floor and off who I will be friends with for a lifetime. I can honestly say nothing will stop me going to every ABGT show they have from now on!

Jessica Micciolo shares her favorite ABGT250 moment
Jessica Micciolo describes how Above & Beyond’s set truly brought everyone onto ‘Common Ground’.

It’s difficult for me to pick just one favorite moment from what was one of the best weekends of my life, but if I had to choose, I would choose Above & Beyond’s set. Dancing to their set in the pit at the spectacular Gorge Amphitheatre, surrounded by 25,000 friends, was an experience I will never forget. Every single song was full of emotion, and the album announcement was especially well done.

In a world that seems so divided, it was a blessing to forget all of that for a moment and feel that I was one with my fellow ABGT attendees. ABGT truly provided common ground for us all.

Mikel Bralley shares ABGT250 memories
Mikel Bralley shares precious moments with Zoe.

Getting to meet Zoe and tell her my story of what her music means to me was by far my highlight of the weekend. Got to watch almost all of Genix b2b Sunny Lax with her, Richard Bedford, and all of my best friends in our box seat. It was magic.

Long story short… Before my mother passed away she was in a coma and I would play her tracks with A&B for her. I really felt like her soothing vocals gave my mother some peace and joy in her final days. And gave me one last special moment with my mom I’ll always remember. 🙂

Felt the need to share this special moment somewhere.

Thank you for an incredible weekend everyone! The vibes radiating through the Gorge on both days was something I’ve never felt at any other show!

Carolyn Blake shares memories of ABGT250
Carolyn Blake gets a second chance to share her love of music with Sunny Lax.

While I find it impossible to choose just one moment, this one definitely stuck out! Although I’ve met Sunny Lax before, this was the universes way of giving me a second chance to express what his music means to me. My group and I were walking in on Anjunadeep day and there he was! He and his wife walked with us and chatted with us, they were so casual and friendly.

I know DJs are people, just like the rest of us. However, being able to tell them face to face how much you appreciate their music, and the joy it has brought to your life, is so powerful. Life truly is made of small moments like these, and I feel so lucky to have been able to experience not just this moment, but every moment of ABGT250.

Karina Medrano shares her memories of ABGT250
Karina Medrano gains the courage she needed to tell Zoe how it felt listening to “My Own Hymn”.

My favorite ABGT250 would have to be getting to meet Zoë Johnston. My friends had pointed her out to me but I was too nervous to approach her. I already knew I was going to be emotional. After a while I finally had enough courage to say hello.

When it was my turn, I asked her for a picture. Afterward I told her that I didn’t want to say too much because I was going to start crying. All I said was “The first time I heard “My Own Hymn” it felt like you were talking only to me.” She then gave me a hug and said into my ear: “I was.” At that moment, all the tears came rushing down my face and I hugged her tighter.

It was a moment of maybe a minute, but it’s a minute I will never forget. I finally got to meet the angelic voice and human behind the songs that give me hope on a daily basis. Life is made of small moments like this.

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