Dirtybird BBQ 2017: Las Vegas || Event Recap

Dirtybird BBQ Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Dirtybird BBQ kept fans dancing long into the night with some sick house beats.

The atmosphere was exactly what you would expect from a summer barbecue.

We got out of our Uber shortly after the gates opened for the Las Vegas Dirtybird BBQ. The lines were all short and we were inside the venue within minutes of arriving. As we walked through the entrance, we saw the inflatable water slide to our right and a few food booths to our left. As we walked past the slide we saw the “bird bath,” a long inflatable pool that spanned farther than the stage was long. Behind it were cabanas that attendees had the option to reserve.

To our right was the stage area, covered in astroturf. Along the back of the green space were round wooden tables providing seating areas and some shade for people who weren’t used to the Vegas sun. Down the center of the turf were large metallic pillars topped with spinning sprinkler systems. The water was a refreshing spray of hope amidst the warm afternoon air.

The merchandise booth was booming when we arrived. Custom fans, clothing, and jewelry celebrating Dirtybird were flying off the racks. The food had all the summer favorites, from ribs, burgers, and hot dogs to ice cream in the warm Vegas heat.

Dirtybird BBQ Las Vegas
Photo Credit: Carlos Lopez
Everyone likes to show a little Dirtybird pride – some birds are just more colorful.

On either side of the stage stood two large LED screens. They rotated between the name of the artist, credit to Collective Zoo, and of course the Dirtybird BBQ logo. The stage was pretty big, and the decks actually sat on top of what appeared to be a picnic table. The familiar red and white checkers with the DirtyBird BBQ logo in the center really helped complete the picnic atmosphere. Far to the right was the elevated VIP viewing area. The entrance was toward the back but the balcony spanned almost the entire left side.

Below the elevated area were a variety of drink booths and more options for barbecue. At the back were the bathrooms, which were actually very nice. They weren’t your typical portable bathrooms. They were closer to trailer bathrooms if anything.

Toward the middle of the day, the Dirtybird crew hosted a Best in Show contest curated by the barbecue master himself. Various contestants lined the small platform, each dressed in an elaborate and “Dirtybird-honoring” way. The audience cheered for the costumes and totems they thought were best, the top choices were awarded prizes.

Dirtybird BBQ Las Vegas
Photo Credit: Carlos Lopez
I didn’t know all the artists, but their music gained them a fan.

When we arrived, Dateless was on stage playing. His techno beats had a lot of the early comers dancing and running around the sprinklers. This was the first time I’d seen him but he played “Until We Meet Again” and “Meditate,” which are two of my favorites of his. Eats Everything followed him and really got the party started. I hadn’t seen him since Nocturnal last year and he did not disappoint the audience. All around us people were grooving to his house beats. As

As Ciszak took the stage, his set seemed to change the mood of the crowd. When “Hypnose” played the energy in the crowd got wild, but it was also because the sun was setting and the temperature was getting cooler. Everyone was more amped and although I had never heard him before he gained a fan while he played. His collab with Vitta that featured the “cash me ousside” phrase really grabbed everyone’s attention.

Shiba San played next, and by that time the sun was now casting its last golden rays into the venue. Someone at this point took the liberty of turning the sprinklers back on, which was ill advised as the temperature was cooling and it made the crowd split straight down the center. It didn’t take long for someone to cut the water altogether.

Dirtybird BBQ Las Vegas
Photo Credit: Carlos Lopez
A successful barbecue event is one that feels like home.

As night fell over Sin City, Justin Martin took the stage. He played every fan favorite and exclaimed that he didn’t know what to do toward the end because he had played it all. The energy around the venue was electric and Claude VonStroke soon took the stage to close out  the night. The entire green space was packed and everyone was still dancing.

Costumes were in full force and the weird just kept flowing. A man carrying a fold up chair danced near us in the corner, while a woman wearing light up shoes and a chicken hat danced while sitting. Umbrellas and totems alike were seen all around us as the barbecue came to an end. The event was like being in your family’s backyard enjoying the first barbecue of the summer.

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