Ultra Worldwide Releases Official Statement On Ultra Europe!

Ultra Europe 2016
Ultra Worldwide has announced today that Ultra Europe will indeed be happening in 2017, with a new promotion company to replace AMM.

After being hit with a lawsuit by AMM, which we reported on earlier this month, the future of Ultra Europe was questionable and the future of the event seemed uncertain. The social media channels had been silent for some time, and the anticipation grew as to what was actually happening to the festival hosted in Split, Croatia. Was the festival getting canceled? Would they find a way to settle the lawsuit in time? Well, we now have an answer to the questions many of you had asked.

Today, Ultra Europe responded to our request for more information with an official statement from the festival organizers. In the statement below, they announced that the festival will indeed continue and be held this year, that a lineup is coming soon, and that they intend to continue on with Ultra Europe for many years to come. What isn’t mentioned in the statement below is naming the actual new local partner, MPG Live. They will be taking the place of AMM this year and in future editions of Ultra Europe, assuring the continuance of the festival.

Ultra Worldwide’s Official Statement on Ultra Europe:

Since its inaugural edition in 2013, ULTRA Europe™ has been hosted every year on the idyllic Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Thousands of passionate music lovers from all over the world attend the festival each year at the Poljud Stadium, and it has become the largest electronic music festival in Croatia.

For the 5th anniversary of ULTRA Europe™, we at ULTRA Worldwide™, in conjunction with our distinguished local partners, have taken important steps to ensure that the 2017 event is a celebration consistent with the high standards that the ULTRA Worldwide™ brand demands.

Attendees can continue to look forward to this year’s event and future ULTRA-branded events in Croatia for years to come.

In the coming days, we will be unveiling the 2017 ULTRA Europe™ lineup and more exciting details about this year’s event.

We extend our gratitude to our fans and to the artists, local authorities, partners and others who offer their enduring support for ULTRA Europe™.

About ULTRA Worldwide™:

ULTRA WORLDWIDE™ IS THE GLOBAL EDITION OF THE WORLD’S PREMIER ELECTRONIC MUSIC EVENT, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL ® . Over the past 19 years, thousands of the world’s most iconic DJs, producers and live acts have mesmerized audiences with awe-inspiring sets at ULTRA festivals in ARGENTINA, BALI, BRASIL, CHILE, CROATIA, IBIZA, JAPAN, KOREA, SINGAPORE, SOUTH AFRICA and of course MIAMI, as well as ROAD TO ULTRA ®events in BOLIVIA, CHILE, COLOMBIA, JAPAN, KOREA, MACAU, PARAGUAY, PERU, THE PHILIPPINES, PUERTO RICO, TAIWAN, THAILAND and the USA, and RESISTANCE ®standalone events in CHILE, PARAGUAY and PERU. Each global edition has been founded on the premise of combining the most diverse electronic talent with the most technologically advanced, large-scale festival productions in the world.

About MPG Live Ltd.:

MPG Live was established in 1997 to promote and represent leading artists and events from around the world in Croatia and the surrounding region. MPG Live is credited with promoting and producing the biggest shows in the region and with guaranteeing the highest global standards in production. MPG Live has a dedicated and full-time team of experts and other professionals producing and organizing over 1000 events annually, with over a million attendees. MPG Live is the exclusive and official organizer and promoter of ULTRA EUROPE, which is scheduled to be organized in the cities of Split, Hvar and Vis, Croatia during the period of July 14th to 19th, 2017.

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