ID Spotlight || Timothy Schultz

Timothy Schultz

Meet Timothy Schultz in this week’s #IDSpotlight!

Name: Timothy Schultz
Rave Name: Leafeon
Age: 22
Hometown: Mesa
Current City: Sacramento, California
Occupation: Student
Facebook: Timmy Schultz
Instagram: @sayhitimmy

What was your first electronic music event?

I started out really big. My very first event was EDCLV 2015. Before going I didn’t even listen to EDM at all aside from the random songs I might hear in my friend’s car or that made it on the radio.

What/who influenced you to attend your first event?

I was majorly influenced to go to EDC by my friends, Kelly and Karan, but what finally pushed me over the fence and convinced me to buy a ticket was watching the EDC documentary “Under The Electric Sky”. Just seeing the happiness and spectacle that is the event and everyone there it made me so curious to experience it myself.

What is one moment from an event that was special and why?

It would definitely by my first event, EDC. Before that I wasn’t really into the whole scene but going with my two friends really changed me. I’m a very introverted person and not one much to let loose at a concert or show or event and just dance. I hate the feeling of eyes on me and as such would try to draw as little attention toward me as possible. I did that by just being quiet and minding myself. EDC broke my shell and showed me how much love there is to be shared between people. It showed me everyone just wants to share the fun and have a great time. While I still suffer with introversion and social anxiety my walls have never been so broken and I’m so thankful for that. The moment that really stood out at the event was at Excision at bassPOD. I was dancing hard with my friend and we were having the time of our life and out of no where this guy in a Viking hat and another really cute girl just jumped in and put their arms around us and started dancing with us. I didn’t know who they were or where they came from but all that mattered was that moment and the love we shared for each other.

What is your favorite festival or event?

EDC will forever hold the title for my favorite event because it holds the most profound effect on my life, but following that POPNYE 2015-16 was the event I met most of my ravefam and the people who are still showering me with so much love today.

Timothy Schultz

What is your favorite electronic song and why?

I think Heroes – Alesso would be my all time favorite because it was the first EDM song I went out of my way to listen and fall in love with. Since then I’ve grown to love a lot and can’t really choose any one song, but honestly, whatever Porter, Madeon, and Illenium release always hits me so hard.

Who are your favorite artists?

Illenium, Porter Robinson, GRiZ, Zhu, Kaskade, Madeon, Yellow Claw, Above and Beyond

What are your favorite genres?

future bass, progressive house, psytrance, melodic dubstep

What do you feel your “Identity” is in the electronic music community?

My identity in the electronic music community is nothing more than someone trying to spread the same love that he felt when he first came into the community and had his life changed.

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